Four individuals and families will receive the Sisserou Award of Honour at this year's Independence Day, November 3rd 2013.

The four are: Valena Geraldine Letang, in the area of Music and Music Education; Waddy Astaphan in the field of Business; Alix Boyd- Knights for Parliamentary Service and The George Karam Family in the area of Business and Tourism. The Sisserou is Dominica's second highest award.

The third highest honour, the Meritorious Service Award, will be conferred on Vinna Delia Royer (Community Service & Development); Roselyn Canoville (Nursing); Theodora Joseph (Primary and Adult Education) and Kelly "the Ghost" Williams (Music and Tourism).

A number of individuals are also due to receive the Services Medal of Honour, namely: Arlington James (Forestry-related Research/Environmental Education); Josley Jean-Pierre Prince (Search and Rescue); Mickael Ferrol (Culture); Charles Walters (Sports); Ernest Phillip Pascal (Community Service); Davidson John (Community Service/Development); Henrick Ronald Aaron (Community Development); Rosetta Fevrier (Business).

Long Service Medal of Honour will be conferred on Bernard Darroux in the field of Education.

The Parade of Uniformed Groups will take place on 3rd November, 2013 starting at 4.00 p.m. at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

The biographies of the individuals and families are as follows:


Music Teacher:

She has been a music teacher for upwards of thirty-six years, commencing in 1977 and has been directly involved in training a large number of Dominica students in practical musicianship and theory of music

Leading up to Certificated awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London and the Dominica Association of Music Educators local exams.

Her proficiency has embraced the preparing of students on the following musical instruments:- Piano, Recorder, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, and French Horn.

Through her expertise a sizable number of her pupils have successfully made it to the ranks of the Dominica Government Band, the Dominica Tate Orchestra.

Member of the Dominica Government Band

Mrs. Letang's proficiency on the clarinet gained her a place in the Dominica Government Band in the year 1983 playing in that unit for twenty-one (21) years until the years 2004 when she was appointed Bandmaster.

As a band member she was responsible for leadership of the clarinet section and general woodwind section, setting a valuable example in terms of playing excellence – a remarkable achievement considering that she only took up the clarinet following Hurricane David in 1979.


From Mrs. Letang's elevation to the leadership of the Dominica Government Band in 2004 she has emphasized attainment of n excellent performance standard which has reflected in great improvement in Band's overall structure and sound quality.

Special Recognition and other Attainments

Mrs. Letang has gained certificates in Music Theory, Practical Piano and Practical Clarinet with the Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, United Kingdom.

Received certification in Conducting from the St. Joseph's College, Renssellaer, Indiana, U.S.A. 1994

Music Attachment in 2003 to Mr. Arthur Selwood, Musical Director of Tortola High School Band

Participated in the 1990's in four (4) Clarinet Festivals in Martinique.

Received the National Golden Drum Award for being a leading Figure in the field of music education for 25 years from the Dominica National Cultural Council in 2003 Received Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Education from the Dominica Government Band in 1991.

Member and Treasurer of the Dominica Association of Music Educators (DAME) from its inception in 2000 – present

Part-time Organist for Cathedral Church Choir from 1996

National Calypso Competition Judge from mid 80's to early 90's.

Carnival Queen Competition Judge 1990's.

Judge for Cable and Wireless Star Quest and Q95 Starch 200's.


Mr. Waddy Astaphan was born in Suriname on October 10th 1923 the son of Antoine and Annie Astaphan.

He was educated at the St. Mary's Academy, where he met and formed a life-long friendship with trusted colleague Desmond McIntyre.

His father had established a small retail business in Roseau in 1933, and from this humble beginnings of retailing basic foods, the company had, by 1941, very quickly expanded into exporting of dried vanilla beans, vegetables, cocoa and bay oil to other Caribbean Islands, North America and Europe.

On leaving school and attending his school certificate, he joined his family's business in 1942 and immediately took over the management of the business. He eventually extended its operations into the Hardware, Textile, Appliance, Furniture and Automobile trade, as well as becoming Shipping Agents and Tour Operators.

In 1957 he acquired a acquired a delightful guesthouse a short distance from the middle of Roseau, but quickly demolished it by 1960 had constructed in its place a Head Office, Supermarket and Departmental Store which occupies over 70, 000 square feet of space. At the time many observers predicted failure since no business venture had yet migrated so far from the city centre. But Waddy saw only success ahead and eventually proved his critics wrong when customers realized that the prices at "Ataphans" matched, and in most instances, were better than those of the established stores which were located in the heart of the city.

Buoyed by this success his energies were further unleashed when the company established completely out of town over a mile away at Fond Cole, a 67, 000 square foot warehouse and hardware and food distribution centre which also housed the motor vehicle and sales maintenance service centre; and the manufacture of foam products. This move spawned more commercial activity as other firms soon joined "Astaphans" at this location.

Waddy's foresight pushed him into moving further out of town, and the firm has now fully diversified its efforts and it now occupies a further 70,000 square feet of buildings on an almost 8 acre on the Canefield Industrial Estate.

In 1970 the family incorporated a public company, and J Astaphans & Co (1970) Ltd began to issue shares to the public promising to repurchase any shares which a non-family shareholder wished to sell. The family shareholders were supplemented as Directors by Dr. Desmond Mc Intyre, Mr. Charles Maynard and Dr. NJO Liverpool. The company kept its word and repurchased all shares, which made them feel a part of the business venture. It can truthfully be said that there is hardly a Dominican family one or more of whose members has not bought from, sold to or worked for "Astaphans".

In 1979 the company's properties were totally destroyed by the devastating winds of Hurricane David and the firm was forced to endure a twelve (12) yearlong battle with its insurers for a settlement of its claim. Despite the heavy losses sustained from looters, the damages stock were distributed among its loyal employees, who themselves had suffered from the effects of the hurricane. However with dogged determination and Waddy at the helm the company continued to operate, and despite the many obstacles, natural and man-made, once again emerged as the most vibrant and effective commercial business establishment in Dominica.

The Mission Statement of the Company is "To improve the quality of life of every Dominican by enabling them to afford the things that can raise their standard of living". To this end Waddy has constantly maintained that his employees should as far as possible always be Dominica, unless it was not possible to recruit a suitable Dominican for a particular position. Consequently the company currently employs 368 permanent staff and a large number of part-time employees; easily making it the largest local private sector employer in the island.

The Company has throughout the years maintained a close relationship with the Community, and contributes generously to many charitable organizations and causes. Over two hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($220,000.00) are donated annually to the areas of Health, Education and Community Development.

Waddy is an ardent cricket fan, and was in fact a very accomplished opening batsman – a position which he occupied in the national team for several years.

He also led cricket teams to play 'goodwill' matches in other islands. The firm has also sponsored individual cricketers for many years. As a founding member of the Dominica Sports Association, with his friend Dr. Desmond McIntyre and other members of the Committee, he was instrumental in raising funds to build a wall to protect the Windsor Part from the ravages of the Roseau River.

Among his other notable achievements was effort with Dr. McIntyre and other Old Boys of the St. Mary's Academy in raising funds to build a new wing for the school.

Waddy is a strong and dedicated family man. In 1955 he met and married his wife, Norma, and the devoted couple have raised five children three of whom, with Norma are actively involved in the running of the company and working assiduously to ensure that the name "Astaphans" continues to maintain the highest profile in commercial activity in Dominica, and carries for the island in the Caribbean and beyond the mantle as the best known place for business and entrepreneurship.


Mrs. Alix Boyd Knights has served the Commonwealth of Dominica in various fields in the private and public sectors over fifty (50) years. She has served as Attorney-at-Law since 1990 and has become known as a leading advocate for the rights of women and children and in so doing championed the passage of laws dealing with the family, domestic violence, sexual offences and children rights.

From 2000 she has served as Speaker of the House of Assembly and Chairperson of the various parliamentary Committees; President of the Dominica Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and Chairperson of the International Body of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians. She has organised many Youth Parliaments in Dominica and have brought the Commonwealth into focus through organizing Commonwealth Day activities.

Mrs. Boyd Knights has voluntarily emphasised the importance of our creole culture from childhood through using and promoting the creole language, various forms of creole dress, and teaching creole cuisine.

She has also rendered voluntary service by lecturing extensively on family law and land law all over Dominica and served as a resource person to various organisations, published numerous papers and articles highlighting women's role as leaders and most recently co-authored a book entitled " Women in Parliament in Dominica: Past and Present.

THE GEORGE KARAM FAMILY ( George 'JoJo' Antoine Karam 1925 – 1993)

Mr. George 'JoJo' Antoine Karam, deceased, was born in Roseau, Dominica, on the 16th March 1925. He married Anita Eulalie Marie Corentin Nee' La Roche Karam and had eleven children all born in Dominica.


Mr. Karam was a very dedicated and patriotic Dominican who played an important part in the communities of Roseau and Portsmouth and Dominica by extension. As a young man, he developed his skills to become one of the best, if not the best, mechanics on island. He opened the first custom-built garage in the year 1959 and with this Acme Garage Karam Ltd. was born.

Soon afterwards, he became the very first dealer for the Ford Motor Company in 1961 and eventually this expanded into three dealerships, with the addition of Hyundai and Daihatsu. Karam was the first to have vehicles in stock for sale. Before this, potential car owners had to order vehicles from agents and wait months for them to arrive. With Acme Garage, a variety of cars were on hand for customers to choose from on the spot. His role in the training young mechanics in Dominica was second to none.


He played a major role in supporting and helping to develop the first political party in Dominica, The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and was a close associate and friend of its political leader, the late Hon. Edward Oliver Le Blanc, Chief Minister and Premier of Dominica. In the early 70's, when he realized that no one had been nominated to contest the elections for the Roseau Town Council, he famously took six members of his family to sign in before nominations closed, and thereby created what was known as the Karam Council, with himself as Mayor. As a team, they were significantly efficient in maintaining municipal services for citizens of Roseau.

Karam was appointed a Senator in The Dominica House of Assembly, on the Dominica Labour Party Government side immediately after independence.


In the late 1980s he bought Coconut Beach Hotel at Picard, Portsmouth, and turned it into a popular venue with its beach bar and yacht anchorage. His move into tourism encouraged him to take a leadership role in the industry and he was elected president of the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) in the late 1980'. He considered that additional air access for both passengers and agricultural products was crucial and so encouraged small airlines such as Air Caraibe to serve the island. As a result of his wide experience in various forms of business enterprise he was appointed to the Board of Directors for the National Commercial Bank of Dominica, now the NBD.

Ross University School of Medicine

Along with his friend Michael Douglas, Karam worked hard to persuade Robert Ross, founder of Ross University School of Medicine, to choose Picard as the site of its campus. In those early days of the medical school, when facilities were just being established, he created Coconut Beach as a social centre for faculty and students, actually housing a number of faculty on the property. He gave his fullest support to the development of the school and was active in saving the school from leaving our shores in the early 1990's during a period of crisis.

Community Service

On a social and cultural level, he supported the development of Carnival bands and Dominica Queen Shows in the 1960's and 70's with sponsorship and gifts of a car for the National Queen. Karam also supported sports in Dominica through sponsorship, particularly cricket and football. He actually played cricket himself on certain occasions in charity matches. After Hurricane David in August 1979, he purchased ice machines and generators in North America and brought them down to help give relief to displaced citizens. Among his many varied contributions, he assisted the Government with transportation for royal visits such as those of Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth, as well as other distinguished international figures.

Jojo Karam served for a time as a special constable in the Dominica Police Force. His number was actually 007 as in the special agent James Bond, and he was popularly referred to as "the sheriff". He was widely loved for his dynamic personality and openness to all and was generally regarded as one of the outstanding characters of 20th century Dominica. George JoJo Karam passed on the 4th of March 1993.


Mrs. Vinna Royer joined the teaching service in 1970 at the age of 17 and worked for over thirty-six years as a teacher at both the St. Joseph Primary and the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School.

She was formally trained as a teacher at the Dominica Teacher's College and the Moray House College of Education in Edinburgh Scotland, where she specialized in the teaching of Home Economics and clothing and Textiles.

Being the only specialist teacher of the subject at that time she was quite instrumental in the development and introduction of the Syllabus in Clothing and Textile for Secondary Schools technical and Vocational program leading into CXC curriculum for the period 1988-1992.

Mrs. Vinna Royer trained countless young women of the West Coast from Mahaut to Dublanc in the skills of Dress-making and needle-craft both at school and through the Summer School Program.

Many of these women have gone on to own and operate their own businesses and have also provided employment for other persons.

During the period of 1988-2000 under an OAS uniform funded-project Mrs. Vinna Royer led the parents and 5th form students of the ITSS in a Clothing and Textile program that saw the changing of the school uniform.

Being an avid member of the Roman Catholic Church, Mrs. Vinna Royer also served within several capacities of the church for several years including the President of the St. Vincent De Paul Society, Legion of Mary and as Chief Catechist where she place tremendous emphasis on the plight of the needy and destitute.

Mrs. Vianna Royer also served with distinction as the first female Chairperson of the St. Joseph Village Council, and also headed the Senjo Reunion Committee for 2008, in both of these roles she demonstrated strong leadership, and a deep conviction for moving her community forwarded, in her own words "I have always been an outspoken community forward, in her own word "I have always been an outspoken community leader with a passion for discipline – a quality that makes you loved and hated."

Having been a Cancer survivor herself, Mrs. Vinna Royer is currently serving as the President of the Dominica Cancer Society giving guidance and comfort to cancer Society giving guidance and comfort to cancer patient's survivors and their families, a role that she is most passionate about.


Mrs. Canoville aka Nurse Canoville was born and resides in Thibaud. She commenced the nursing program 32 years ago in the 1981 upon graduation. She was attached to the Thibaud Health Centre as a District Midwife.

Throughout her career she served as District Nurse/Midwife in the communities of Anse de-Mai, Penville, Vieille Case, Dos Dane, Dublanc, Clifton, Portsmouth, and Thibaud. She also served as Secretary of the Portsmouth Health Team. She attended numerous workshops and seminars and was recognized by the Ministry of Health for her outstanding contribution to the nursing service and health care development in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Mrs. Canoville officially retired in 2002 but worked on a contractual basis for 10 years.

In 2013 she received a Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to the nursing service post retirement.


Mrs. Joseph (eighty-two (82) years old) served in Dominica's public service for less than fifty (50) years from 1952.

She worked in the public service for almost fifty (50) years

She taught thousands of Dominica to read

Her adult education thrust in the 1980s and early 90s was creative, utilizing all indigenous resources in the learning process

She trained others to continue the work after her departure

She represented Dominica extensively at regional and international conferences in the 80s and 90s, causing the island to be modeled by numerous other programs in the region.

She maintained a family and was wife to one of Dominica's leading trade unionist.

Women, particularly single women who in the 1980s constituted about 40% of the Island's Mothers developed learning and production skills in sewing, knitting, design, agriculture, food production and small business largely on account of their immersion in adult education classes.


A graduate the Saint Mary's Academy, Mr. Williams began employment as a teacher at the (then) Goodwill Junior Secondary School- eight years. During that time he began playing music as a member of one of the country's most popular musical band at the time, 'The Naked Feet'. The band travelled to Guadeloupe like most of the bands of that era but the musicians most of whom were "civil servants' got home sick and returned home to their jobs.

Mr. Williams did not return to the classroom but instead got involved in the Art and Craft and began working with some unemployed youth of Roseau who had shown interest in leather craft. This led to the eventual formation of the Leather Goods Manufacturer Cooperative (LMC) which at one time employed over forty young persons.

He became a certified footwear designer and shoemaker. He then led the formation of the National Association of Productive Cooperatives (NAPCOOP) which was an amalgamation of productive cooperatives island wide.

As an artisan working closely with the Youth Division he was involved with the conceptualization and organization of the youth skills training program. He was the first skills teacher of that program which is still training young up to today.

It was this involvement in the Arts and Craft which led him into tourism. Realizing the need for the organization and uplifting of the standard which at the time were basically rudimentary, organized the Nature Island Taxi Association which introduced air-conditioned vehicles and trained tour guides taking the industry to the next level.

He serves as a Facilitator in the training of tour guides and taxi drivers.


Mr. James has completed publications on the ecology of Dominica. Some of them have been done in conjunction with leading international experts in the field who have great respect for his work. Because of their admiration for what Mr. James has done, he has received regional and international recognition for contributions to conservation and public education. I believe that it is time that we here in Dominica recognize our own, for it should not be said in this case as in Luke 4:24 that "no prophet is recognized in his own country".
A bibliography of his works will reveal the vast range of his output, all geared to the readership of Dominica, in the hope that they better understand their island home. Just a brief sampling of the books and papers and articles that he has produced will show how significant is his contribution to this public awareness and education. Here are just a few of his publications. The full list is far more extensive: Dominica's freshwater swamps and mangrove species: - Forestry and Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica, 1980, 1990, 2010.

Cabrits plants and their uses - Forestry and Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica, 1986.

Flora and Fauna of Cabrits National Park - Dominica, Forestry and Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica, 2004.

Dominica's Birds: NHBS - Arlington James, Stephen Durand and Bertrand Jno Baptiste, Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, Dominica. An Illustrated Guide to Dominica's Botanic Gardens by Arlington James, 2007

Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean: A Guide to Geology, Climate and Habitats, Evans, P.G.H.; James, Arlington (1997) Dominica Ministry of Tourism.

Guide to Bird Watching No. 3 in the series - Dominica Nature Island of the Caribbean, Peter Evans & Arlington James, Ecosystems Ltd. Coastal stewardship in Dominica, James, Arlington,

Playing with Plants in the Nature Isle by Arlington James, Dominica Forestry, Parks ' Dominica: Nature Island of the Caribbean. A Guide to Nature Sites' by Peter G.H. Evans & Arlington James

The Lake District of Dominica. Forestry and Wildlife Division, Roseau. James, Arlington (1996).

Plants of Dominica's Southeast by Arlington James. Published by UNESCO

The subjects covered by Mr. James in other publications extend to studies on beaches and coastal habitats, iguana protection, river levels, disaster study of the Mathieu Lake collapse, the Diablotin Bird, indigenous palm species and forest products among many others. In several of these subjects he has represented Dominica abroad at conferences and workshops.

His work on the lexicography of the Kweole language is also a very important contribution to our knowledge of the vocabulary and use of the language.
It is useful to note also, Mr. James' contribution to sport as a referee and to drama as an actor in plays particularly in the 1970s.


Mr. Prince was enlisted into the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Services in 2010.

Last April, through his effort he prevented the tragedy that unfolded from taking an even greater toll by signaling the presence of a gorge to oncoming motorists. During his illness special care was overseen by his aunt Helena Warrington and her husband Forbes Warrington.

His sporting disciplines include playing Football for Primary and Secondary School; interschool; the National Under 20 and 23 Teams from 2008 to 2010; the National Football Team from 2010 to Present. During that period he also played in the National League for Sagicor South East Football Club.

Additionally, he is surrounded by six siblings to include two sisters and four brothers along with his dad.


Mickael Ferrol is a multi-talented performing artist with several years of experience in traditional and contemporary music, dance and drama.

Ferrol is an actor and drama director. He is a member of the Teat Pawol drama group and has appeared in many of the group's plays both in Dominica and overseas. He has acted and assisted with directing a play for the Libra Foundation Drama group. He has written and directed plays for his own drama group – the North Star Drama group.

Ferrol is an outstanding singer and musician. He produced his own gospel CD album and recorded an album together with the Paix Bouche Drummers. He plays the keyboard and also the accordion. He formed and has led the Paix Bouche Jing Ping Band for some years.

Ferrol is the leader of the dynamic drumming ensemble - the Paix Bouche Drummers and he is also a member of the Paix Bouche Cultural Group. He is a drummer for the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers.

He performs the traditional dances and is particularly outstanding with performing the Bele dance. He is also a very skilled Bele drummer as well.

In addition, Ferrol is also experienced in creative dance. He choreographs for various schools and community groups. He is a principal dancer and assistant choreographer with the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company and has performed with the group on numerous occasions.

Ferrol has been a Cultural Officer with the Cultural Division for the past eight years and previously was a Youth Officer.


MR. Walters of the town of Portsmouth has made outstanding contribution in Sports and Sports Administration for over thirty (30) years. He has represented Dominica on the National Under 16 Cricket Team and National Under 19 Cricket Team; National and Windwards Senior Cricket Teams; played for the Blue Stars Sports Club; Saints Spots Club; and also played in England for three (3) years; he is a devoted sportsman and continues to be actively involved in local cricket for the Nagico Sports Club. He serves as an Administrator on the Dominica Cricket Association; Chairman of Selectors on the National Senior Men and Women Cricket Teams; and selector of Windward Islands Cricket Team;


Mr. Ernest Phillip Pascal, better known as "PASCO" from Lagoon Portsmouth returned to Dominica in 1995 after spending a number of years in England.

He joined CARE of the Elderly in Portsmouth in 1996. Directed by Sr. Regina Leiba; a Cluny sister from Trinidad. Mr. Pascal worked with Sr. Regina as a volunteer caring for the Elderly and the Underprivileged Persons.

After Sr. Regina left in 2000. Mr. Pascal continued to do his full voluntary service now as Executive Director in benefitting the poorest of the poor to most villages throughout Dominica.

Mr. Pascal through our American food for the poor and Canadian donors supply goods in kind to 17 Primary Schools, 4 Secondary Schools, various Pre-Schools, 14 village councils, 17 Health Centers, various groups and most importantly; to Institutions such as Mount Carmel Retirement Home, Grange Home for the Aged, Grotto home for the Homeless, the Dominica Infirmary and Agape Care Home and much more.

Mr. Pascal decides to increase our Meals on wheels Feeding Program by feeding about sixty (60) Elderly persons on our weekly feeding program. Due to Mr. Pascal's love for he increase "lets feed our children" weekly feeding program to over thirty (30) underprivileged school children who is being fed everyday on a weekly basis. Mr. "P" always emphasize that a hungry child cannot learn so he makes it a priority that they should be fed.

Mr. Pascal served as the Chairman of the steering Committee at Grange Home for the Aged in 1999-2004. After Grange was registered he served as Vice President.

Mr. Pascal taught Electronics and basic Chemistry at CALLS in Portsmouth for 9 years. Many of his students went to College Overseas and have done exceptionally well. He also taught Adult education and literacy the St. Johns Primary School for a number of years of which today many of his past students can read and write because of his patience, love and understanding with his students.


Mr. John has given yeoman service to the people of Dominica throughout his adult life, but the focus of the submission will be on his major contributions to youth development and community service over the last 32 years, 1981 to 2013. Youth Development through Scouting

Mr. Davidson John was invested into the 3rd Mahaut Scout Troop on July 26th 1981 and became Assistant Patrol Leader in 1982. In 1983 he represented the 3"' Mahaut Scout Troop at a Patrol Leader's Course at the Scouts Headquarters; was elected Patrol Leader for the Scout Section and in December of the same year was promoted to the Venture Scout Section.

In1985 he attended a Basic Practical Leadership Course at the Scout Headquarters in Roseau, after which he was appointed as Group Scout Leader for the Scout Troop. In 1986, he was appointed as Group Scout Leader by the island trainer, and represented Dominica at the Caribbean Jamboree (Paragon) in Barbados. In the same year he completed a Regional Advanced Scout Leadership Course at the Technical College and was appointed Acting Assistant District Commissioner.

In 1988 Mr. John served on the management team for the Caribbean Cuboree held in Dominica and in 1990 represented Dominica at scout troop events in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

In July of 1994 the 10th Caribbean Scout Jamboree was held at Crompton Point in Woodford Hill , and in December utilizing his sound leadership skills, he introduced the Mahaut Scout Troop to a troop training exchange programme with Guadeloupe.

In 2002 Mr. John received the B.B. Williams Award for Leadership and Service.

From 1989 - 2012 Mr. John served as District Scout Commissioner for the Western District encompassing (Canefield to Dublanc on the coastline and Cockrane, Campbell and Warner in the interior). In addition his thirst for youth development encouraged him to continue to volunteer as a mentor for groups in other districts, Castle Bruce, Kalinago Territory, Penville) , and conducting training camps in addition to focusing on establishing new groups in Cockrane, Campbell and Warner.

Community Service

Mr. John does not have an interest in Scouting only, he plays a leadership role in all community activities, thus his zeal for community service gained him the position of a Nominated Member of the Mahaut, Jimmit, Tarreau Village Council. He has also been fully involved in church activities. Mr. John has received awards from the Youth Development Division and the Reunion Committee of Mahaut. He has been a Shelter Manager in the community of Mahaut for the past 25 years. An award was presented to him by the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities lncorporated D.A.P.D lnc.) for assisting them for over ten years.

It has been an ongoing venture for Mr. John to assist the Mahaut Senior Citizens Home and in 1991 with the assistance of members of a scout troop from England undertook the mammoth task of painting the Senior Citizens Home.

He has and continues to give assistance in various areas including, the Mahaut Government School; the Mahaut Community during disasters for the past 22 years; clean up campaigns and various other community projects; Parish Council fundraising. He has provided musical accompaniment at district school rallies for a number of years. Mr. John has, over the years, assisted the Dominica Social Security during their Pensioners Day celebrated in Mahaut.


Mr. Henrick Ronald Aaron began working at the Department of Local Government and Community Development in 1980 as a chauffeur under the Self Help Scheme. Since then he continued to excel as he took his job very seriously.

Mr. Aaron is a disciplined, committed and hard – working individual who go the extra mile above the call of duty to ensure that the Departments' goals are met. During his tenure, Mr. Aaron serves as senior Chauffeur and also project Coordinator with responsibility for the vehicles, staff and the distribution of materials to project sites. During Independence Celebrations, Mr. Aaron can be seen driving Officials and delivering materials to communities for National Day of Community Service. It must be noted that Mr. Aaron is humble and he is a very good team player.


Mrs. Rosetta Fevrier is from the village of La Roche in Delices but currently resides at Castle Comfort. She started her own business thirty (30) years ago in 1983 as a small grocery shop at the corner of Independent Street, Roseau. In 1985 she extended the shop to a mini mart and in 1987 she also opened a mini mart in Mahaut where she employed 6 full time workers and 1 in Roseau making a total of twelve (12).

In 1999 she gave up the Mahaut mini mart and started selling animal feed in Roseau in her present location and currently employ eight (8) persons - four (4) full time and 4 part time. She is one of only three (3) persons on the island involved in the sale of animal feed. The feed business is a rough one but for the sake of the livestock industry in Dominica she is committed in ensuring that feed is available for the livestock industry.

She is also involved in livestock and farming with her husband where they employ three persons on the farm – 2 full time and 1 part time.


Mr. Darroux taught at the Petite Savanne Primary School for (43) forty-three years.

Numerous and wide experience in the field of Education: Taught all grades in the school even from Grade K to Form 3.

Co-ordinated and taught at the Junior Secondary Programme at the School from inception.

Was sports teacher for over 30 years.

Has the honor of coaching the only cricketer from Petite Savanne to play for Dominica in the Windward Islands Tournament.

Gave extra lessons (gratis) to all grade students after school, weekends and holidays.

Well known for active contributions to community development and service, taking part in village activities up to present.

Among outstanding success was the ability to raise over One Hundred Thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for community development from local, regional and international agencies.

Served on the board of Directors of Small Projects Assistance Team (S.P.A.T.) and Dominica Farmers Union.

As a teacher he served the entire community at all levels, having written over one hundred wills/investment for adults, plus filling passport and visa forms (all gratis).

As a social-minded person he travelled to America, Europe and many Caribbean countries for different international forums and meetings such as the Small islands Developing States (S.I.D.S) conference in Barbados, 1994 and Financial Management and Mobilisation course (6 weeks) in Germany, 1998.