Kent Vital, former political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party
Kent Vital, former political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party

Kent Vital, the political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), says his party is to develop a campaign aimed at keeping Dominica clean and beautiful.

Speaking at a recent press conference of the DFP at the Garraway Hotel, Vital said Dominica has "amazing landscape that is the envy of many" but investments in tourism can be curtailed if Dominica does not pay attention to "the cleanliness, tidiness and aesthetics of our built-up areas, our road ways, our beaches, costal zones, valleys, river banks, our villages and hamlets, our city, our town and our communities within."

Vital continued: "This can make a big difference to our tourism appeal. This can make a big difference in the way we feel about ourselves and our country; it will contribute to our children's self-worth; it will lend itself to our dignity and allow more to have pride in our country."

He added: "We can do much better; we have to change our mindset and that of our children when it comes to keeping our country clean, tidy and attractive. We have to take pride in our country; we have to put things in motion to begin turn the dire situation around."

Vital continued: "I recall when I once worked at the National Development Corporation (which was replaced by Invest Dominica and Discover Dominica Authority) that one of the reasons that the Four Seasons Group had given for not considering investing in hotel accommodation on the North East of the Island was that the drive through the villages to the location that they would have considered would not have been pleasing enough for the type of visitors they catered for."

Hence, according to Vital, the DFP is planning to launch a "Clean Tidy and Beautiful Dominica Campaign" that will involve: The organization of specific clean up events; the organization of communities; the education of school children to change mindsets; the mounting of a general awareness campaigns; fostering and encouraging partnerships among NGOs and encouraging the enforcement of existing laws.