The price of petrol dropped again today; prices are at its lowest since March 2015 when gas prices were one cent cheaper than today, according to a display of petroleum products at the NP gas station in Canefield.

Dominican drivers now have to pay $10.29 per gallon of petrol i.e. 20 cents less per gallon at the pump than last month. In March the price of a gallon of gas was $10.28.

In addition, the price per gallon of diesel decreased by seven cents per gallon from $9.45 to $9.38.

But Kerosene prices increased by four cents per gallon (from $7.99 to $8.03 per gallon).

The prices of petroleum products have been rising and falling in Dominica throughout 2015; March prices were the lowest for the year. See list below:

•January - $11.42

•February - $10.47

•March - $10.28

•April - $12.06

•May -$12.11

•June- $13.05

•20th July -$13.30

•17th August- $12.76

•14th September - $11.39

•12th October -$10.49

•16th November- $10.29