Goodwill Stars- See text for complete caption
Goodwill Stars- See text for complete caption

Part III of the article completed the presentation on the "Clouds Era" and began presenting on Starz (a.k.a. Goodwill Starz). The article continues below.

GOODWILL STARZ (Ctd): Starz ended the 2013 league with a 6-1 Win-Loss record, scoring a total of 511 points, conceding 459, but lost 1-3 to Falcons from Pichelin in the Play-Off Finals.

The following is excerpted from DABA's 2013 Season Report for interest: "MIRROR MATCHES - There were two very interesting coincidences with two of the games involving Falcons and Goodwill Starz during the 2013 Division I Play-Offs. In successive games of these teams, played first at Goodwill (23/8/13) and then at Grand Bay (25/8/13), the final scores were IDENTICAL (73-69)! Secondly, these two games ended in almost identical manner. In the game at Lindo Park, Falcons' last 5 points and Goodwill Starz's last 4 points came 'from the line'. In their encounter at Grand Bay, Falcons again scored their last 5 pts from free-throws and Goodwill's last 3 pts were from the line!"

Goodwill Starz remained active until 2014 when they played in the 2nd level division. That season they burnt 20 Free-throws in a match vs Gators.

OTHER 'SHORT-STINT' GOODWILL TEAMS: It was mentioned earlier that Northern Pacers had spent only a single season running the court.

Also representing the community and competing for short stints were: Zebians who played in Intermediates (Division II) in 1994; Maggnificos who played in the 3rd Level Men's Division (3LMD – equivalent of Division II) from 2012 and 2013; Young Ballers – 3LMD, 2014 and 2015; and Lady Maggnificos and Lady Ballers who played in the Women's Division for two and one years (2013-2014, and 2016) respectively.

TEAMS' LONGEVITY: Goodwill's teams collectively maintained a presence in the DABA national league spanning a period which began in 1982 and ended in 2016, with a few short interruptions. The number of years which individual teams remained active varied from 12 seasons to only a single season. The periods of longevity of some of the teams are as follows: Clouds II (12 seasons, 1985-1995, then returned in 2003, 2004); Clouds I (11 seasons, 1988-1995, 1997, 1998, 2009); Stormers III, (4 seasons, continuously, 1987-1990); Stormers II (1 season, 2004); Goodwill Stars (5 seasons, 2010-2014).

WHEN GOODWILL BASKETBALL RAINED: Apart from Roseau there are few basketball centres in Dominica which had more than two teams competing in the DABA league in any one season. Goodwill, however hoisted their flag very high, having fielded three teams in the national league during 7 seasons. These were as follows:

1987: Clouds II, Northern Pacers II, Stormers III 1988: Clouds I, Clouds II, Stormers III 1989: Clouds I, Clouds II, Stormers III 1990: Clouds I, Clouds II, Stormers III 1994: Clouds I, Clouds II, Zebians 2013: Goodwill Starz, Young Ballerz, Lady Maggnficos 2014: Goodwill Starz, Maggnificos, Young Ballerz

There were at least seven other seasons (1991-1995, 2012, 2016) when two teams represented the community in the national league.

CHAMPIONSHIP & AWARDS COLLECTION: Over the three decades of Goodwill's teams collectively participating in the National and Schools Leagues, those teams brought home ball-o-rama, league and knockout championships; took accolades such as leading Offensive Team in Division I, Top free-throw shooting team in Division II, etc. as well as individual awards and honours. So, let's take a peek at that collection.

  • 1987: Stop & Shop Clouds II – Division II League Championship
  • 1988: Clouds I – 1st in Offence Ranking in Division I League (81.5 PPG)
  • 1988: Clouds II – 1st in Free-throws in Division (64/142)
  • 1988: Albert Bannis (Clouds I) – Topped aggregate-scoring in Division I League with 171 Pts; Irving Magloire (4th), William Graham (6th)
  • 1988: Michael Robin (Clouds II) – 3rd highest aggregate scorer with 108 Pts
  • 1989: Mitsubishi Clouds II – Knockout Champions, and 3rd from 12 teams in League
  • 1989: Stormers – Were poised to capture Division III League Championship when they were suspended from League
  • 1990: Budget Stormers – Division III Knockout Championship
  • 1993: Donald Corriette (Clouds II) – Highest individual scorer in Division II
  • 1995: Antilles Cement Clouds I – Ball-o-rama Champions
  • 1994: Goodwill Secondary School – Schools League Championship
  • 1996: Goodwill Secondary School – Schools League Championship
  • 1997: Goodwill Secondary School – Schools League Championship
  • 2003: Miamabi Clouds – 2nd Level Men's Division (2nd LMD) League Championship
  • 2003: Jareed Darius (Clouds II) – MVP of 2nd LMD
  • 2004: Miamabi Clouds – 2nd LMD League Championship
  • 2011: Goodwill Starz – Regular Season Championship, 2nd LMD
  • 2011: Maggnificos – Goodwill Off-Season League Championship
  • 2013: Kelsey Guye (Goodwill Starz) – MVP Award, Wilmoth LeBlanc Basketball Classic
  • 2013: Kelsey Guye

Photo:(Goodwill Starz) – DABA Slam-Dunk Champion

STANDING (L-R): Jeffrey Gregoire, Todd Hamilton, Kelsey Guye, Kester Edwards STOOPING (L-R): Miguel Deschamps, Jason Samuel, Danes Peters, Nigel Smith Missing: Terry Lewis

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