CLOUDS Intermediates co-represented Goodwill for over a decade. Photo Courtesy Irving Dowe
CLOUDS Intermediates co-represented Goodwill for over a decade. Photo Courtesy Irving Dowe

Part II of the article continued with the presentation on teams from Goodwill that participated in the National League, completing Northern Pacers and introducing the Clouds era. The article continues below.

THE CLOUDS ERA (Ctd): Clouds (II), still playing in Intermediates in 1987, they proved too powerful for Sharks of Pottersville, blowing them out by 25 Pts (71-46). They later went on to smother St. Joseph by 68 Pts (114-46), and clinched a 3-Pt victory over Windward Islands Aloes Clippers of Soufriere 68-65.

They later defeated Dominica Grammar School (DGS) 2-0 in the Division II Play-offs to capture the first basketball championship by a Goodwill team, and subsequently knocked DGS out of the Knockout competition by a 72-43 blowout.

Clouds II missed capturing the 1991 Division II Play-Off Championship, losing to Police in the finals.

Clouds (Intermediates) continued playing in the national league into the 2000s, picking up back-to-back league championships in 2003 and 2004 (See Part IV, Section on Championships & Awards).

CLOUDS (I) burst on the scene in Reunion Year 1988, featuring some of their previous founding Intermediate Division players. They emerged a reasonable 4th from 9 teams in the 1988 League with a 5-3 Win-Loss record, amassing 652 points and conceding 600. They also proved to be the Most Offensive Team, averaging 81.5 Pts per game in the League. That year, Albert Bannis topped the scoring in Division I with 171 Pts, while Irving Magloire placed 4th, with 143 Pts and William Graham 6th, netting 139 Pts.

In their formative years, Clouds' management fell under the directorship and watchful eyes of Kervin "Stinky" Stephenson and Hilary "Tilly" Thomas.

1989 was not a good year for Clouds Senior, having slipped to 6th place from 7 teams in the final standings, and also ending at 6th in the offence ranking. However, Ian Blanchard was the 5th highest aggregate scorer with 104 Pts.

During their lifetime, Clouds I engaged many an opponent such as Blazers, Cardinals, Flames, Pros, Raiders, Wolverines, Harks, Hoyas, Police. Knicks, Killer Bees, Lions, Owls, J.K. Rebels, and Sonics.

While Clouds I performed below par in some years, overall, they played reasonably well and managed to cause upsets, even chalking up a few triple-digit scores and blowouts.

For example, in 1995 they bombarded the Police armory 110-54, extracted Wolverines' teeth 113-72, and emasculated Lions 108-62. They also had blowout wins over Owls (90-44), Knicks (87-58) and extinguished Flames (92-73). In other encounters they enjoyed victories over Blazers (85-68), Pros, Raiders, Harks, Killer Bees, Hoyas, J.K. Rebels and others. Some of the wins were by the slimmest of margins, i.e. 1-Pt.

Interestingly when Clouds I defeated the boys from Massacre (Blazers) in 1995, former Blazers star player Donnie Robinson spearheaded Clouds' attack then with 21 points, with William Graham contributing 15 Pts to the victory.

Over the years, some of Clouds I scores against the legendary Cardinals were: 72-85 (in 1990); conceding a 54-99 blowout in 1992; a close loss of 56-61 (in 1995); another blow-out 71-100 (1997); then put Cardinals to a stern test later in 1997, losing by only 5 pts (65-70).

Clouds I remained on DABA's game roster for at least 11 seasons, and over the years many a player from Goodwill wore the Clouds (senior division) uniform. Leading the scoring were Albert Bannis, Lenny Bernard, Terry Bertrand, Franklyn Brown, Egbert Charles, Kurt Cyrille (a.k.a. Kurt Winston), Kit Daniel, Vernon Dechausay, Roderick Deschamps, William Graham, Damian John, Lazare Joseph, Irving Magloire, Michael Moses, Dave Moulon, Clem Peters and David Williams, among others.

Clouds I spent their final (?) season on the court in the 2009 Premier Division League, fielding players such as Keiron Charles, Kelsey Guye, Ricky Toussaint, veterans Derek 'Didi' Alexander and Irving "Coxy" Magloire - Clouds longest-serving player, and others, before dissipating.

TWINKLING STARZ: The year 2010 ushered in CARIB SAND & STONES STARS – later renamed GOODWILL STARZ – in the 3rd level men's division (Division II), and featuring several youngsters who had 'grown up' on the Lindo Park hardcourt. The team comprised Kanrawn David, Kester Edwards, Jeffery Gregoire, Straun Gregoire, Kelsey Guye, Terry Lewis, Kerbin Nanton, Daynes Peters, Jason Samuel, Omarie Williams and others.

In 2013 Goodwill Starz captured the Wilmoth LeBlanc Basketball Classic (Division I) in the Season Opener, and during that year's league, they hit the Most 3-Pointers by a team in a Game - 12 long ones, and amassed 38 'from down town' (3-Pointers) in that year's league competition.

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Photo : Irving Dowe Standing (L-R): Ricky Allan, Justinian Stephenson, Irving Dowe, Donald Corriette, Tony St. Jean, James Gregoire. Leaning Forward: McDonald Roberts. Sitting or Stooping (L-R): Clarence Guiste, Kurt Cyrille, Herminus Reid, Bernard Frampton, Marcus Humphreys.