Photo of a pile of gabbage in a Dominican community
Photo of a pile of gabbage in a Dominican community

In pockets across our island, a disquieting scenario has been unfolding, infuriating residents and plunging businesses into chaos, as towering heaps of garbage loom more extensive by the day. The root of this crisis? A crippling delay in garbage collection, pushing local councils to demand extra fees for trash removal, exacerbating the woes of communities already grappling with the refuse pile-up.

Local councils' decision to demand extra fees for trash removal has sparked outrage among residents, who view it as an unjust burden. Many argue that waste disposal is a fundamental service that should be provided consistently without additional charges.

One vocal critic in the community of LaPlaine told The Sun, "It's disheartening to see the state of our streets. We've been told we have to pay extra for something that's a basic service. This delay is making our living conditions intolerable."

In the community of Fond Cole, which is home to the landfill, residents are left dumbfounded as the garbage continues its unchecked ascent. This spectacle has sparked disbelief and dismay of residents.

"It's shocking to see the garbage piling up in the community where the landfill is located. This situation should have been managed more efficiently."

Another distressed resident lamented, "The stench has become intolerable. Paying extra for a service that should be a routine provision is unjust and unsanitary. It's an unfair burden on us."

The impact of this situation has been palpable for some businesses, resulting in the temporary closure of one establishment. Red Rock Cuisine, a popular tourist spot in Calibishie, stated via social media, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but Red Rock Cuisine is on strike and will remain closed until the rubbish truck passes! We cannot operate without proper preparation and presentation." The statement continued, "This is a tour site and also a restaurant and bar, but the garbage disposal location is at the entrance to Red Rock. Apart from the restaurant, the people living in the vicinity are also dumping their trash, and the truck hasn't passed in a long time. The place is smelly at the entrance, and it's only getting worse. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will not be opening until the matter is resolved."

The frustration and inconvenience extend beyond individual businesses. Sources within the Dominica Solid Waste Management Company revealed that the root cause of this predicament is a garbage pickup truck shortage. While the company publicly cited an island-wide delay in collection, insiders disclosed the underlying issue—a lack of essential equipment.

"This shortage of trucks has significantly impacted our ability to maintain regular garbage collection schedules. It's a logistical challenge we're actively working to address," stated an official within the waste management company.

The source further acknowledged the far-reaching repercussions of the garbage collection delay affecting public health, environmental cleanliness, and residents' overall quality of life.

"Accumulating piles of trash not only present an eyesore but also pose health risks, attracting pests and creating an unsanitary environment, so we hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible."

In the meantime, amidst the chaos of mounting piles of garbage, the impacted residents and businesses are not mincing words—they are demanding swift and decisive action. They are calling for a united front, urging authorities to collaborate and communicate effectively to resolve this crisis and ensure it does not rear its ugly head again.

"Garbage collection isn't just a service; it's the bedrock of healthy, vibrant communities," one affected citizen declared.