Nineteen individuals who were affected by Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015 received grants from Corporate Enterprise Finance Facility Ltd. (CORP-EFF).

The grant of $17,000 was donated by the Grenada Public Service Credit Union; $15, 000 was donated by the credit union and $2,000 came from manager Lucia Livingston Andall.
The individuals received the donations at the office of Dominica Cooperative Societies League on March 18.

The recipients came from Bagatelle, Petite Savanne, Petite Soufriere, San Sauver, Bath Estate, Elmshall, Colihaut, Loubiere, and Pichelin.

Dexter Ducreay, Chairman of the Board of CORP-EFF said the individuals were selected by consultation with credit unions, village councils and community organizations.

"Seven private sector companies have been engaged as redemption centres; household appliances and groceries are the main items focus at this donation while a few will receive cash donations," said Ducreay.

On behalf of the individuals Ducreay said thanks to the Grenada Public Service Credit Union and manager Lucia Livingston Andall.

Ducreay said that he hopes the donation reduces the worries caused by Tropical Storm Erika.