Roslyn Sorhaindo Madir, Sales Manager-Harris Paints
Roslyn Sorhaindo Madir, Sales Manager-Harris Paints

The right colour to give your home that new feeling has just been made easier, thanks to Harris Paint's new innovation the Colour Wiz App.

The App, designed by Apple is available on Google Play and was launched on November 20, at the company's facility at Canefield.

At the launch Retail Service and Export Sales Manager at Harris Paints, Roslyn Sorhaindo-Madir said that we all have the problem where we see a colour but do not know how to describe it well enough to re-create it.

"From today all you have to do is download the Colour Wiz App into your smart phone, take a picture of the flower and within seconds you will have the nearest match to a Harris Colour," she said.

She said Harris Paints is first in the Caribbean to launch that type of app.

Sorhaindo-Madir noted that the with the advancement of technology Harris Paints is taking advantage of the fact that eighty percent of the Caribbean population now have smart phones compared to only fifty-eight percent globally.

In addition, she stated that the App not only allows one to get the colour of choice but through the online tool, "take a picture of your kitchen and then download it into the online tool and you can paint the colour of the walls in seconds."

"This is not new as there are many tools before like this but never before there has been a tool that is user friendly and enables you to change the flooring, your cabinet and even the counter top," she said.

She stated that the Colour Wiz is a revolution that enables you to change multiple surfaces to ensure that individuals get their project right.

Lastly, she noted that the App is suitable for homeowners, painting contractors, building contractors, property managers and architects.

The online tool can be found on the company's website;