Smoke darkens sky at Goodwill
Smoke darkens sky at Goodwill

The Ministry of Health and Environment has advised the general public that smoke inhalation may trigger an asthmatic attack and worsen respiratory symptoms of persons suffering from respiratory illnesses.

The advisory comes following a huge fire at the Fond Cole landfill this afternoon that is virtually giving the Goodwill area a smoke bath.

The health ministry states: "Hence residents in the vicinity of the landfill in Fond Cole, who are suffering from asthma and other respiratory illnesses are asked to take the following precautions:

•Avoid the inhalation of the smoke fumes coming from the landfill by staying away from the area.

•Any asthmatics affected by the smoke inhalation should use their prescribed inhalers and if the symptoms worsen they should report to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Princess, Margaret Hospital for an assessment and further medical attention

•Persons suffering from other Respiratory Illness with worsening symptoms as a result the smoke fumes should also report immediately to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Princess Margaret Hospital.