Dominica became the fourth country in CARICOM and one in 194 countries where Heineken Beer is brewed and sold to have the K2 Launch of the beer's new bottle.

Cordell Wilson, Regional Manager of Heineken from Trinidad said at the K2 Launch at Fort Young Hotel on Saturday evening April 6, 2013 that Heineken had established itself as the No 1 premium beer brewed in the world, and sold in more than 194 countries. And that feat over 140 years was "achieved through innovation and quality."

There were three changes to the bottle: it was slimmer and longer, the labels were no longer in paper but plastic, and Heineken was embossed on the back of the bottle.

Wilson told The SUN that this launch of the new bottle started a couple years ago in Chile. "So it will take some time, because it is such a massive brand. So it can't all happen in one year. But by the end of 2013, all 194 countries that Heineken is brewed in will have this new bottle," he said. "We started in the Caribbean last year October. So Dominica is now the fourth market in the Caribbean to have this product. We still have markets like Trinidad that need to launch this product. It's been working pretty well so far. Since we've launched the product we have seen an upturn in sales. Customers and consumers really like the new bottle. They like the plastic labels, and no matter where in the world you go, if you are a traveller, and you ask for a Heineken you are going to get the same great bottle."

Wilson explained that he works with all the distributors across the region to make sure that Heineken is marketed and sold properly.

He described the launch in Roseau as having gone very well. He was of the view that all their customer consumers and partners who are at the launch really had a good time, and they could look forward to more great things from Heineken.

"Heineken will be offering something for the football fans out there, some extremely exciting content for the Champions League, so all the fans of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Man fans out there have a lot a lot of exciting content coming in the next couple of weeks. Look out for Heineken for more great things," he said.