Poster of Treasures of Bat Bou, aplay by Alex Bruno
Poster of Treasures of Bat Bou, aplay by Alex Bruno

Téyat Pawòl presents 'The Hidden Treasures of Batibou' from May 29 – 31, the official play for Dominica's 2015 Festival of Arts (DOMFESTA) celebrations.

The Hidden Treasures of Batibou is a suspense theatrical drama set in a rural Caribbean community in the mid-20th Century. The story surrounds buried treasures from centuries before, which is being viciously guarded by the spirit of a golden donkey. In this play, selfishness and greed take centre stage as a particular individual and her accomplice, from a close-knit community with knowledge of the existence of the Batibou treasures, try desperately to recover the riches.

The person who unknowingly possesses the treasure is being stretched to the limit by the scary schemes and devious tactics employed by the treasure hunters. Fear, panic and even death ensue; the audience is taken on a thrilling journey in the rediscovery of the hidden treasures. This theatrical drama breaks away from traditional convention in many respects; it is a modern hunt for ancient treasure, told in two acts and fourteen scenes.

Though largely fictitious, the play presents the issues of the acquisition of treasures by examining certain aspects of community life in a most inquisitive way. There are lessons to be learnt from the characters' given circumstances.

The characters and players are: DAMAI: - a strong- headed woman with a tongue of fire (played by Marja Jeffers); ZAZYE: (69), a long-time shop keeper - Coco fè's wife (played by Rashida Gachette); SEA WHISPERER: a spirit from the sea played by Lovaly Williams and Primrose David); PREZI: - a trickster (played by Immanuel Andrew); IGNATOOS: - a chatterbox/instigator (played by Rachael Jno. Baptiste); COCO FÈ: - a fisherman (DAMAI'S "boyfriend"); BIM BIM: - Coco Fe's son; YEVETLYN: - DAMAI'S daughter (played by Kerdisha St. Louis-Lowe); THOMPSON: - DAMAI'S brother and the village 'smart mouth' man (played by Shanon John); FR. BATTY: - a Roman Catholic priest (played by Shanon John) and ET: - a live-wire (played by Liana Prince).

The "Treasure Hunt" is interspersed with and around certain folkloric beliefs and traditional expressions and practices.

The writer, Alex Bruno, says: "your idea about buried treasures may be forever changed following this play, but even if it doesn't, enjoy our efforts anyway."

The play runs from May 29 – 31, 2015 at 8:00pm at the Arawak House of Culture in Roseau. Tickets for the production can be purchased at Bull's Eye Pharmacy in Roseau and Picard for $25.00 in advance.

"The Hidden Treasures of Batibou" is Téyat Pawòl's 19th productions since 2001. The new production, 'Divided We Stand,' will be staged in the near future.