Ann Graham
Ann Graham

Manny Manicou stared grudgingly at Rampsy the goat's home. "Boyyy I wish I had a big house like Rampsy eh," he grumbled.

Rampsy lived in a large rectangular house made of branches and thickets while he lived in a miserable old tree hole.

Later that day, Manny Manicou was out foraging in the forest when suddenly, he thought of an idea of how he could live at Rampsy's home.

So quickly, he went by the lake where he saw Rampsy grazing earlier and told him the most ridiculous lie.

"Boyyyy Rampsy," he said sadly, "I dunno where I going an stay now nuh. A mother bird and it young ones jus come an take over my home. Now it doh have no space left for me."

"Wat! You serious?" asked Rampsy who was very surprised.

"Yes we. And as a gentleman I cannot go and put d mother and her babies outside eh," said Manny Manicou.

"You want to come and stay by me until you get a new place to stay?" asked Rampsy.

That was exactly the question Manny Manicou wanted him to ask and so tried his best to hide his excitement and answered, "oh yes, thank you we Rampsy. Thank you very very much."

After saying goodbye Manny Manicou immediately went to Rampsy's home to make himself comfortable. However, a few hours later, he woke up to see Rampsy struggling to hold up the branches and leaves together to prevent the rain from coming in. So quickly, he went to assist Rampsy but the rain kept falling harder and harder and soon they had no choice but to abandon the house and ran.

They ran all over the forest seeking for shelter until thankfully Rampsy found a small den near a sugar apple tree and quickly ran inside it. But unfortunately there was no space for Manny Manicou. What was he to do?

Suddenly, Manny Manicou remembered his tree hole. 'Dat is d safest place for me,' he thought. So quickly he turned around and ran back to his home which was indeed safer.

Manny Manicou learnt an important lesson that day: With contentment comes great gain.