Marguerite Sezer Vargas
Marguerite Sezer Vargas

A few days ago, I was lucky to attend the Festivals in the northern and north eastern districts (in Mahaut and Marigot). It was part of the 35th edition of the observance of Dominica's independence. It was a first experience for me, and, once again, I have been positively surprised.

After having listened to the National Anthem, prayer and thanks, the main activities began. Traditional musicians and dancers came on stage to perform: Bèlè, Quadrilles, Flirtations, etc. and I discovered all of the famous traditions of Dominica.

All this traditional side is very new to me, because in France, folklore is not as important as it is here in this country.

Also, I attended the Madam Wob Dwiyet show, where I discovered the beauty of the traditional dresses, and the elegance with which competitors presented them. It was a perfect blend of colours and originality. Singers and various dancers supported the main show. But what surprised me the most was the enthusiasm of the public, which was more than motivated by the performers. This shows how this event is popular here. One more thing: it was a lucky thing that I came early to the show, because it turned out to be a full house!

Later, I went to the NCCU Cadencelypso competition where 20 artists performed on stage, in front of hundreds of motivated spectators. During four hours and a half, the rhyming and engaging music (that I did not know before) allowed the public to wiggle.

Another event to which I went to was a conference at the Fort Young Hotel about the "Beautification on a Budget" of a hotel establishment. Step by step, different professional persons showed the most important points on which we have to think: architecture, welcome frontage, marketing, music, etc.

Finally, I saw the beginning of Creole in the Park and of the Creole symposium, in which I participated in the organisation (welcome of the guests).

I cannot wait to see how the events will play out, and I'm eager to see how the result will unroll! Marguerite SEZER-VARGAS.

(Marguerite SEZER-VARGAs is a student from France who is visiting Dominica to improve her use of English).