The late Fr. Jolly (left) and Arundel Thomas
The late Fr. Jolly (left) and Arundel Thomas

In his heart he bears the flame

Of life


Pure white candles light the fire

Of his fervour for the Lord

Of his fight for social justice

His continuing search for Truth

Pure white candles

On glittering golden stands

From which emanate

Frames of courage

Words of compassion

And passionate prayers

Like flowers and buds

Teaching the power of love

To the meek and to the haughty

To the filled and to the hungry

In his heart he bears the burden

Of the downtrodden

Of the homeless and oppressed

Peers by the light of

Pure white candles

Pervasive incandescence

Of peace

Flowing from the gentle soul

Of Euchariststic joy

Body and blood of sacrifice

Pure white candles Illuminating the way To God's pastoral path The deliverance of the cross To share the faith of His deep love Through words and deeds To one and all The Blessed Lady's call

Ignis Pastoralis

Warm pastoral ardour

Embossing the soul

With golden proses

Adorning pages in numerous volumes of

His patient textual cadences

And I recall

The call to Christ-like living

A medal for an innocent child

Not yet gone wild

A Rosary for a faithful saint

The capturing of native histories

In journeys of the Rainbow

Christopher E. Loblack

And other works of art

Waxing the worries

Into virgin verses

And giving hope

Dripping from the stand

Of pure white candles

Still burning are these pure white candles Still standing are these

Gilded stances

Still flowing is that caring pastoral




Warm radiant peace

Ignis Pastoralis

And how do I capture the glow

Of that deep love and care

And such bucolic joy

So rare?

A humble heart

A gentle strength

That glimmers

Through these pure white candles

Of that pastoral fire

A Jolly flame

That beams from heaven


(arundell, 2017)