Roseau has a new female mayor. She is Irene John, a retired civil servant

Mrs. John was voted to lead the Roseau City Council "unopposed" at the council's first meeting held on December 10, 2013.

"I am very honoured and elated at the trust that my fellow councilors placed in me to lead the council…and with the help of God we are going to work together hard hand in hand to make Roseau a model City," John told the SUN.

She said "all the members have pledged their full support to work as a solid team" and she is very confident they will deliver.

Asked how difficult will it be for her to follow in the footsteps of former mayor Cecil Joseph who served in that post for 12 years she said: "We will just have to continue from where he has left he did a very good job and we want to applaud him for his work and efforts…we know he will have his eyes set on us looking at what we are doing but we know that the solid team will deliver."

She said mayors come and go but the work of the council has to be done.

"We are united and with God's grace and guidance we will continue the work that was started we are asking the people to work with us and make Roseau the model city that it ought to be," she said

The elections of the RCC were held on November 18. Five government nominees joined the eight elected Councilors to complete the thirteen-member council.

The government nominees are: Ivan Soanes, Ericson Romain, Lucy Belle Matthew, Michael Moreau and Clemenicia Thomas.

Besides John, the elected members are: Kimara Hurtault, Vanessa Prevost, Albert Dalrymple, Corinthia Blanc, Reah Brumant, Regina Walsh and Daniel Lugay.

The Council will be sworn in on Friday Dec 13 at 4.30 PM at the Arawak House of Culture.