ROME, April 28 (Xinhua/Sun) -- A fugitive belonging to the Italian mafia syndicate 'Ndrangheta will be extradited as soon as Tuesday from Santo Domingo in the Caribbean, Italian authorities said on Monday.

Nicola Pignatelli, 43, was among the 100 most dangerous fugitives listed by Italy's interior ministry. He was arrested by Italian police special units on Sunday in Santo Domingo, news agency Adnkronos reported, and he is expected be extradited to Italy immediately.

The anti-mafia prosecutor in Reggio Calabria of south Italy, Nicola Gratteri, confirmed: "We obtained from Santo Domingo's authorities orders for the expulsion of Pignatelli."

Pignatelli must serve a 13-and-a-half year sentence in jail for mafia and drug charges. He is regarded as a leading figure in a powerful 'Ndrangheta clan that operates in the southern Italian Calabria region.

According to police, such clans are active in drug trafficking -- the core of 'Ndrangheta business worldwide.

"The capture of fugitives, especially those belonging to international drug trafficking syndicates, is a clear sign that the state prevails and has incisive tools against organized crime," Italy's anti-mafia top prosecutor Franco Roberti said.

Pignatelli had been on the run since 2011. His arrest came a few days after the Italian interior ministry launched a new security plan focused on 'Ndrangheta, considered the most powerful of Italy's three syndicates.

On April 23, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said their security plan would include stronger cross-border action against 'Ndrangheta fugitives and their financial assets abroad. Enditem