Jazz & Creole featured pannist Johan Chuckeree of Trinidad and Tobago
Jazz & Creole featured pannist Johan Chuckeree of Trinidad and Tobago

A day at Portsmouth's Fort Shirley, a refurbished Eighteen Century English fort overlook the fantastic Prince Rupert Bay, is, by itself, a dream-like experience.

Add a touch of the Jazz & Creole festival, now in its tenth year, then you probably have one of the best music events in the Caribbean- great music, unmatched Nature Island scenery and delicious food and fun.

Sunday's more than seven-hour Jazz & Creole featured pannist Johan Chuckeree of Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica's Mel and The Smith Brothers as well as St. Lucia's Ronald 'Boo' Hinkson.

The patrons who attended Sunday's Jazz & Creole event say it best:

Agriculturist Raymond Austrie, attending his first Jazz & Creole: "The performances, especially by the Smith Brothers, were fantastic. I saw the number of service providers- telecommunications, catering… the event was very well organised-garbage disposal, washroom facilities…very good".

Daryl Titre, Government Information Service: "I think it was a wonderful event for the entire family… it was a fashion event, you saw the ladies with all their lovely outfits…all in all I think it was a fantastic event."

Felix Thomas, contractor: "It was a very good show. The performances, especially by the Smith Brothers was excellent, really excellent. At the end of the entire activities it should get a very high grade."

Other patrons: "I hope it continues and improves".

"I'd say it's a blast. I enjoyed myself".


"A great turn-out. Great event. Lovely."

"That's one of the greatest shows, man. The crowd was massive."

Nevertheless, Jazz & Creole at Fort Shirley may have outgrown itself. Collin Piper, the director of Tourism said that the 2018 event attracted 2300 people and the festival is growing from "strength to strength".

"If I had my way I wouldn't move it," Piper said. "What we have to do is to look for other areas of the national park to extend to."

And maybe look over, beyond Fort Shirley, to the picturesque Prince Rupert's Bay tailor-made for a yacht regatta on the weekend of Jazz & Creole. The possibilities for growth are endless.