Jermaine Jean-Pierre shows her awards
Jermaine Jean-Pierre shows her awards

Jermaine Jean-Pierre, a civil servant for over 14 years, has won the Public Officer of the Year Award for 2015. An elated Jean Pierre said that despite the challenges, her award proves that hard work and dedication pays.

"Dedication and the commitment to duty paid off this evening with this award," she said. "I knew I was nominated for Senior Manager of the Year and the Public Officer of the Year was something that came as a surprise because I was not aware that I was nominated for it."

Seventy-seven current and retired public servants were recognised on January 9, 2015 at the Arawak House of Culture during the public service 2015 annual awards ceremony.

Jean Pierre also won the Senior Management Award while Lydia Capitolin-Toussaint received the Winning Theme Award and the Senior Officer Award.

The other award categories were: Jerry Augustine Award, Temporary Officer Award, Junior Officer Award, Middle Management Award, Minister for the Public Service Award for the Best Attendance, Team Award and the winners of the various sporting competitions.

After the ceremony, Capitolin-Toussaint said she felt elated and excited.

"Once you are nominated for something there is definitely a little bit of expectation or rather hope that you win so I am very pleased tonight that I came out the winner," she said.

Meanwhile, Acting Prime Minister Justina Charles said that appreciation, praise and recognition are fundamental needs of humans and that the ceremony allowed the public servants to receive recognition for their performance and efforts in the service.

"It is generally accepted that the public service is indispensable to national development and the key driver of economic growth and sustainability," she said. "Your achievements have contributed significantly to strengthening efficiency in your various sectors which will ultimately lead to sustainable future for yourselves and your citizens of this beloved country."