Screenshot of Zetma Paul-Victor
Screenshot of Zetma Paul-Victor

Suggestive of a palpable lack of trust between them, Opposition leader Jesma Paul Victor finally broke the silence on her decision to part ways with her former senator, Sean Douglas.

Douglas, a former press secretary for the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) government and a prominent businessman became a political maelstrom's focal point earlier this month. The revelation that his parliamentary position was terminated surprised many, given that Paul-Victor had handpicked Douglas as one of her two senators to represent her in the House of Assembly.

The news of this political upheaval emerged when the independent candidate for the Salisbury Constituency drafted a letter to Her Excellency Sylvanie Burton, the President of Dominica, on November 6, formally urging the immediate revocation of Senator Douglas's appointment.

This surprising choice garnered widespread attention and set off a flurry of conjecture, with both the general public and political circles eagerly seeking explanations. Initially maintaining a discreet stance, Paul-Victor has spoken out, revealing that her decision stemmed from weeks of thoughtful contemplation about safeguarding the "dignity and credibility of our democratic governance processes from individual excesses."

Highlighting her role as a custodian of the State, tasked with the senatorial appointment of Mr. Douglas on January 13, 2023, she stressed the arduous nature of this decision.

Though she expressed profound regret for the chosen course of action, she underscored that "it became necessary because of a significant breach of trust, callous disregard for the principle of collective responsibility in the Parliamentary Opposition, and a refusal to be responsible for unilateral actions that undermine the work of the team."

She further asserted that these behaviours conflict with the values essential to discharge their oversight and representational responsibilities in Parliament effectively.

Paul-Victor also highlighted that these actions seriously impede the adherence to integrity, ethical conduct, and the commitment to the highest standards of national service they endeavour to honour and uphold at all times.

As previously covered by The Sun, since the news of the young politician's decision surfaced, the controversy has permeated the airwaves, resulting in substantial backlash. Calls for her resignation have emerged, with others alleging that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit influenced her to undermine the opposition.

In response to what she labelled as "verbal abuse, double standards, and misogynistic disrespect" over her decision, the parliament member declared her determination not to be deterred by such attacks.

"First and foremost, I serve the people of Salisbury, Coulibistrie, and Morne Rachette as their representatives in Parliament. It is because of their votes that I also serve at this time as Leader of the Opposition."

"I serve faithfully to the best of my ability and absolutely at the pleasure of the constituents of Salisbury, Coulibistrie, and Morne Rachette, who have the democratic right and responsibility to terminate my services at any time," she declared.

She emphasised that until then, she will persist in fulfilling her duty as a creature of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica with great honour and pride, without fear or favour, affection or ill will according to law.