Seven Carnival Queen contestans of  2015
Seven Carnival Queen contestans of 2015

On their journey to the throne seven young ladies vying for the title of Miss Dominica 2015 were showcased at the Arawak House of Culture on December 20, 2014.

Speaking at the Queen Show Pre-Show, Chairman of the Queen Show Committee Romualda Hyacinth said that the ladies would be showing how far they have progresses in two months..

"Tonight the sensational seven will give you a view of their progress along this journey to the throne, a journey which began with the initial selection of the final seven by a panel of judges from a number of young ladies who indicated an interest in participating in this prestigious event," she said. "The final contestants have been in training from early October in speech, talent, walking, etiquette, ethics and protocol."

Hyacinth added that the pre-show will give the committee and chaperones an opportunity to identify the ladies' strengths and weaknesses and areas needing improvement.

"Tonight we are here to give you a taste of what is to come on February 6, 2015," she said.

"This is all geared in ensuring that we have as usual a classy, elegant and exceptional queen show 2015. Our success rate for the past seven years in regional pageantry has been remarkable. Some people say we take sometimes average girls and make them exceptional but this is not the truth. We take exceptional, talented and intelligent young women and give them a platform to share their greatness with the world," said Hyacinth.

"Dominica is filled with talent and natural beauty and it is no exception when it comes to the youth of this country this is why the government of Dominica, Discover Dominica Authority, Dominica Festivals Commission and the Queen Show Committee continue to invest every year in staging the National Queen Show to provide a platform for young women to highlight their various community concerns and a chance to win a scholarship to further their education," Hyacinth added.

She added further: "This training an experience not only shape a young woman for this pageant only but for life; this is why support from the general public, corporate community and this committee is important for the development of these young ladies as whoever emerges as Miss Dominica will be representing our country regionally and will be a cultural ambassador and a role model for many young people."

Though there was no winner the seven young ladies were showcased in four rounds: Casual Wear, Swimwear, Talent and Evening Wear.
The contestants are: Normanna Jno Baptiste (24) from Tarish Pit; Keianna John (22) of Salisbury; Odessa Elie (19) from Bath Estate; Beyandra Blanchard from Pointe Michel; Charis Nation ( 20) from Castle Bruce: Patrice Dorsette (20) from Marigot and Kelcia Righton (21) from Kingshill.