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Charles Williams, Kalinago Chief
Charles Williams, Kalinago Chief

Two two-day art and craft and agricultural exhibitions, canoe and challenge races race and a three-night cultural extravaganza are among activities for the first ever Dominica Indigenous Cultural Festival scheduled to be held from July 3rd – 5th, 2015.

"This festival is expected to showcase Dominica's indigenous people's culture and traditional lifestyle, to bring out a boost in the service industry and to create an economic climate for the people of the east north eastern district of Dominica," a press release from the organizing committee has stated.

The release added: "The event is expected to complement present efforts by both the public and private sector, the Ministry of Tourism and the Kalinago Council to enhance the Kalinago Brand as a unique component in the nations tourism product, to serve as a great incentive for visitors traveling to Dominica and the Kalinago Territory during the month of July, to experience the traditional, cultural show piece with fun and excitement, to contribute towards the sustainability of microenterprises in the Kalinago Territory and assist in the preservation of the Kalinago heritage".

The Kalinago Indigenous Festival is promising a well-executed event with a difference and should establish the foundation for the annual undertakings of this festival in the Kalinago Territory in years to come, the release stated.