Charles Williams, Kalinago Chief
Charles Williams, Kalinago Chief

Undoubtedly, the Kalinago Territory became a most important battleground of the 2014 general election.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit promised tablets and scholarships to every child and projects that would transform an area that had been plunged deeper into poverty by the demise of the banana industry. For its part, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) promised an eco-tourism resort and hospitals and a Kalinago development corporation.

But apparently Kalinago Chief Charles Williams is old enough to realize that the desire for votes can cause politicians to promise heaven on earth. So, in an interview with State-owned DBS radio on his plans for 2015, he mentioned none of the lofty pre-election promises.

Williams said he was hoping to develop plans for the construction of a five-megawatt solar farm and a coconut oil factory.

"Some time ago, I was in Israel and there we signed memorandum of understanding whereby we will setup a solar farm in the Kalinago Territory," Williams said. "We also want to build a coconut oil factory in the Kalinago Territory and that is something that we want to pursue vigorously."