• Cover of Pascal's Book

    The Ravages of a Monster Storm on a Tropical Island: ...

    Published by: Jules Pascal

  • Participants of the first marijuana consultation

    Discussion on the legalization of marijuana continues

    Dr. Donald Peters, the coordinator of the National Cannabis Committee (NCC) has reported that the NCC have been liaising with the Cannabis Commission of Massachusetts to look at the process ...

  • Labour Party "Special Delegates" conference at Londonderry

    Holding of a delegates conference continue to elude the ruling ...

    The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) did not hold a delegates conference, as the party planned at Londonderry on 17 February 2019. But the DLP is giving no explanation to the ...

  • Dr Kenneth Darroux, Petite Savanne Parliamentary Representative

    Minister of Health Dr. Kenneth Darroux: "You're looking at a ...

    Injured by continuous negative publicity generated by protests from nurses and the general public and the non- rehiring of two local doctors who had reached retirement age, Minister of Health ...

  • Some members of Eagles Sports Club Carnival Band, 1986. Photo Courtesy: Mario & Didi.

    The '80s Eagles Soared, Then…

    Part II of the article presented on the introduction of Eagles II, the exploits of the Eagles teams from 1985 to 1987 and the dissolution of the Eagles. The article ...

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Freedom Speaks

    In last week's article we recognized the importance of agriculture to our country. A Freedom Party Government will pursue a holistic approach to developing a strong and prosperous agri-business sector. ...

  • Flow acting General Manager, Lorraine Mitchell

    Flow Customers Now Connect Faster and Easier

    ROSEAU - DOMINICA April 5th, 2019 – Flow customers can now share life's special moments faster and easier with access to increased data plans. The new plans give customers up ...

  • Dr Sam Christian  greets well-wishers at the ferry terminal in Roseau

    Dr. Sam Christian: "Dominica owns me"

    Like a man who came back from the grave, Dr. Sam Christian returned to Dominica from medical treatment in Martinique Saturday to tears of joy, songs of praise, words of ...

  • Dr. Sanford at a UWP protest outside parliament in 2018

    Yes, Sanford says

    It is signed, sealed, delivered. Dermatologist Dr. Worrel Sanford will be the United Workers Party (UWP) candidate in the Kalinago Territory (the Salybia constituency) in the upcoming general elections.

  • Ann Graham

    Cuckoo the Rooster

    Cuckoo the rooster loved being in the centre of attention. One time, he painted his feathers in all sorts of colours then went around telling everyone that he was a ...

  • Loftus Durand

    Why Should People Vote?

    Voting is a fundamental Human Right. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) Article 21 gives individuals that right. It says:

  • Prime minister Roosevelt skerrit gives one of his Independence Addresses

    DSC students want PM Skerrit to keep his 40% promise

    Students of the Dominica State College (DSC) want Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to keep his assurance that from January 2019 the outstanding balances of all persons who took student loans ...