• George Bruney (L), Patrick Henderson (C) and Wilmoth LeBlanc played with OWLS

    Owls Hooted, Lions Roared

    While going on a daytime excursion in one of Africa's famed wildlife reserves one would certainly be looking forward to being treated to a sighting of the King of the ...

  • THOMAS FELIX has been playing competitive basketball since 2004

    Thomas Felix, 'Mr. Mvp'

    Part I of the article presented on Thomas Felix's entry into basketball, his prowess on the court and his representing Dominica in basketball. The article concludes below.

  • Former Teacher, the late James Alexander

    Tribute to Joseph James Alexander

    American philosopher and physician Debasish Mridha has stated, "The measure of greatness is in humility, simplicity, and in kindness." He describes simplicity and humility as the flowers of greatness.

  • A dog crosses an empty Independence Street, Roseau during the curfew

    More Covid-19 deaths, Marigot man shot execution-style, a new curfew ...

    Within one month, Dominica, which for the past year was among the small percentage of countries that recorded no COVID-19 related deaths, is now, within days, reporting four fatalities due ...

  • The late Edward Registe, at his launching as an election candidate in 2019

    Ed goes

    One gets the sense of "déjà vu all over again", to quote Yogi Berra. For it was not long ago that Pierre Charles, who took over from the deceased Prime ...

  • Minister for Education Alfred

    No commonsense

    Last year, Dominica took an involuntary crash course in remote learning, and with the second wave of Covid-19 now causing a surge in numbers, the online platforms will yet again ...

  • Rubis gas station on Victoria Street

    Gas talks explode

    Negotiation between the Government of Dominica and Rubis West Indies Limited may have just taken a turn for the worst. What was initially expected to be a three months' suspension ...

  • With his craft, Gregory Royer

    Gregory Royer: The farmer turned artisan

    A young farmer in the making who had life throw him a serious curveball has made a name for himself despite what may seem to be insurmountable challenges.

  • A masked Thomas Letang

    "Unvaccinated health workers are making a mockery of the effort ...

    If there's one message that Thomas Letang, the General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) could pin on the foreheads of unvaccinated healthcare workers and hopes it sticks, ...

  • EmileDepooter, Manager of Triple Kay band

    News maker of the week: Emile Depooter

    A local businessman's outburst on the government of Dominica's misguidedness as it relates to the measures implemented to combat the Covid-19 virus may have promoted changes.

  • Rick Gallot, University President

    Dominican students complain of selective support

    Dominican students studying at American universities are complaining that they have been left in the lurch and they are accusing the government of being selective support.

  • Nathalie Roland

    Is Dominica "Going Green" Enough Fast Enough?

    Hurricane Maria in 2017 saw Dominica vowing to become the world's first climate-resilient nation.