• Dominican Home Gardener strip

    Ten tips for better watering of your veggies

    Everyone knows vegetables need water to grow. What they might not know is that vegetables need adequate water even after the plants have set fruit. Vegetables, after all, are mostly ...

  • DEF column strip

    Wages & Inflation in Developing Economies

    Many will recall the "good ole days" of the T&T COLA, the "automatic" cost of living allowance [or adjustment] which ensured that wages and salaries kept pace with inflation. It ...

  • DEF column strip

    The "Right to Strike" in International Law

    We introduce this thesis by declaring that the international organisation charged with the responsibility for leading the global effort on labour and related social justice is unquestionably the ILO. Like ...

  • Top local CXC student Hananel Valarie and his mom

    2020 CXC top student Hananel Valerie: "Focus on what you ...

    With 11-ones and one-two Hananel Valerie topped the 2020 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations in Dominica.

  • Accused murderer, right, site of the crime, centre and victim

    Accused murderer Rodman Moses Lewis: "Mammy, she dead"

    As the High Court recounted the shock, trauma and tears of the killing, Police Inspector George Theophile continued giving evidence as the trial of Rodman Moses Lewis, who is charged ...

  • Members of the Stowe Electoral Commission: Clockwise from bottom left- Wayne James, Hilary Shillingford, Alec Lawrence, Lennox Lawrence. Chairman- Duncan Stowe: centre

    Stowe is Chairman of the Electoral Commission

    Attorney at Law, Duncan Stow has been appointed chairman of the five-member Electoral Commission.

  • Farah Theodore

    Grab the bull by the horns

    For decades the call to create a sustainable future has highlighted the need for 'transformative' even 'evolutionary' changes to the 'status quo' of our socioeconomic actuality. It seems much more ...

  • Left to right: Lewis and Riviere, accused murderer and victim

    Gwo Pwele murder trial on

    The trial of a man charged with murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend is into its second week with the second witness taking the witness stand.

  • Salisbury School Before and After

    Name Salisbury Primary School after Wolsey P. Louis

    I want to add my voice to give thanks to the Governments of India, Canada, Cuba and Dominica and the partners UNDP and Engineers Without Borders(EWB) and all those who ...

  • UWP Political leader Lennox Linton at press conference

    Judge Glasgow strikes out all ten UWP election petitions

    Lennox Linton, the Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has stated that the UWP will appeal the decision of High court Judge Raulston Glasgow who last week dismissed ...

  • Promotion poster

    Stars Shoot 4 Worthy Cause

    During the 54 years of organized basketball at the national level in Dominica the administrators of the national league from time to time have come up with some rather creative ...

  • Hon Minister for Housing Reginald Austrie speaks at Grand Bay handover ceremony

    Need a Housing Revelation

    Government's lack of transparency in its handling of the much-touted housing programme is raising much concern among the opposition and the general population alike, with one social activist calling for ...