• Anthony LeBlanc

    Group meets to remove road blocks to electoral reform

    A group made up of church, business and civil society leaders has been meeting regularly since Wednesday 31st January 2019 to dissolve the road blocks to electoral reform.

  • Action in local half-court game. Photo Courtesy DABA Facebook Page

    Dominica's Basketball Vocabulary

    While playing basketball either competitively or recreationally, or even viewing a match from the stands, one may have uttered or heard certain expressions coming either from players or fans, referring ...

  • Loftus Durand

    Electoral Reform in Dominica: What is it?

    The Concern Citizens Movement (CCM) will be conducting a Voter Education Series over the next few months. The purpose of this education drive is to provide the citizens of Dominica ...

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Freedom Speaks Column

    As a people we boast Dominica's rivers, mountains, greenery, fertile land and the other natural gifts. We are proud of our isle of beauty, an isle of splendour! Indeed we ...

  • Sour Sour with his 2019 Road March crown

    Sour Sour: "I so sweet, I sour"

    A Conversation with Dominica's Champion of Road Marches

  • Praying at the Pointe Michel ceremony

    Pointe Michel remember Maria victims

    Pointe Michel, the southern village where 33 people perished during Hurricane Maria on September 18, 2019, now has something physical to remember that sad event.

  • Kelsey Guye with MVP and Slam-Dunk trophies, 2013 basketball season opener

    Kelsey Guye's Basketball Kudos

    His first name begins with the letter K. So too do the names of his mum, his sister and the majority of his relatives on his mother's side of his ...

  • CEO Sorhaindo and production at the plant

    DCP Successors: Rising from the Storms

    Not every business place which has suffered from the ravages of two major storms (Tropical Storm Erika 2015 and then Hurricane Maria in 2017) would have still been opened for ...

  • Blanchard, right, and Dr Sam Christian

    Blanchard for Dr. Sam

    John Blanchard is to replace the convalescing Dr. Sam Christian as the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for the Soufriere candidate, the Sun can reveal.

  • Eye Surgeon Dr Hazel Shillingford-Rickets

    Dr. Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts retires, awaits PMH contract

    Having reached sixty, on 6th October 2018, Dr. Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts, the Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) has retired and since she has not yet received a contract ...

  • DFP political leader Kent Vital

    Freedom Speaks

    In last week's inaugural article for this Column we focused on our broad aspirations in relation to the economic dimension of sustainable development.

  • Thomas Holmes

    Holmes heads new Family Empowerment Movement Inc.

    Family Empowerment Movement Inc. is a Family Organization/Company that originated from a Counselling Course at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Dominica Open Campus. The students, during Semester One ...