DPSU's Thomas Letang
DPSU's Thomas Letang

In 2015 the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) will become an uninvited guest; in other words, the union will be crashing the party on issues of national importance such as electoral reform.

"We believe the issues that have divided Dominicans over the past years that those issues will get the level of attention that they deserve," Thomas Letang, the general secretary of the DPSU said on DBS radio recently. "If those issues are not being addressed it means that people will continue to be disappointed; the nation will be divided and therefore the kind of development that we are talking about will never become reality."

Letang continued: "We as a union has recognized that there are issues that have seriously and severely divided our country and therefore we will be raising our voices to the need to look at those things."

Letang said the DPSU has to get more involved in matters not directly related to issues affecting the DPSU and invite itself to the discussions.

"If we are not called upon we will find our way there so that we can make our contribution," Letang said. "At the end of it the people we represent are citizens of this country and decisions will affect them."