Dominica's leading telecommunications provider, LIME, has endorsed Crime Stoppers Dominica, a private sector initiative designed to help solve and reduce the incidence of crime in Dominica. LIME also established toll free access for the public to support the initiative.

Crime Stoppers Dominica - a local branch of Crime Stoppers International - encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime on the island. Persons who have witnessed a crime or have knowledge of any criminal activity and wish to remain anonymous may call to a toll free number and report a crime, or give valuable information pertaining to criminal activity.

LIME's General Manager Jeffrey Baptiste sees this as an opportunity for LIME to contribute to the wellbeing and safety of the people of Dominica and those who visit our shores. "We at LIME are excited to be part of this non-profit organization and endorse its mandate. I am pleased that LIME is well positioned to provide the free telephone access for persons to make that crucial call which could save someone's life, or help solve a crime," commented Mr. Baptiste.

Persons with information relating to a crime can call 1 800 TIPS (1 800 8477) or 1 800 HINT (1 800 4468). The caller is never asked any personal information which could identify them such as name, place of work etc.

Director of Crime Stoppers Dominica Genevieve Astaphan says LIME's role in this project is critical in facilitating callers with information to access the line free of charge. Miss Astaphan also applauds the company for being one of the first corporate partners to embrace the initiative.

LIME's contribution to Crime Stoppers also includes a complimentary handset to the local liaison officer. The company also provided the email addresses for the CSD free of charge.

Crime Stoppers is financed through donations and membership dues. The resources are used to maintain the website, call centers, and to pay the rewards which are offered if the information provided leads to an arrest, recovery of stolen property, illegal drugs or guns. An individual can earn a reward of up to $1,000 paid in cash.

Other Corporate partners in this initiative include the National Bank of Dominica, The Royal Bank of Canada, The Fort Young Hotel, Secret Bay and J. Astaphan and Company Ltd.