Dominican athletes heading home from the recently held CARIFTA Games in The Bahamas will now rest safely and comfortably in special Panamanian Hotel suites compliments of LIME. The company swiftly responded to an appeal from President of the Dominica Amateur Athletics Association (DAAA), Cedric Harris, who used a local Talk Show earlier this week to bring to national attention the plight of the team that was challenged returning home after their stellar performance at the Games.

Some team members were not able to procure US visas to transit via Puerto Rico or Miami, forcing them to take the longer Trinidad/Panama route to attend the CARIFTA games. A shortage of sufficient finances for Hotel accommodation in Panama resulted in the twelve member team of young athletes and officials sleeping on benches at the airport on the first leg of the trip. Mr. Harris, who led the team to the games could not in good conscience subject the group to the same uncomfortable experience on their return home. Without any contacts in Panama and insufficient funds to cover hotel accommodation, ground transportation and meals, Mr. Harris turned to the local talk-show to appeal for assistance.

LIME's General Manager Jeffrey Baptiste upon hearing of the untenable situation immediately made relevant contacts with LIME's telecom's partner, Mas Mobile, Cable and Wireless Panama and within hours all the necessary arrangements were made. The team was met upon arrival and transported safely to the spacious Continental Hotel in Panama City. Meals and free internet access will also be provided as well as return transportation.

Mr. Baptiste said the human instinct immediately kicked in when he heard Mr. Harris' plea for help on the 'Matt in the Morning' show. "These are our fellow Dominicans out there; our young people in need – we had to do all in our power to assist them" said Mr. Baptiste. The future of our beloved country lies in the hands of our young people and how we respond to them during their time of need will fashion their thinking and hone their character", he continued.

Cedric Harris is very thankful to LIME and Cable & Wireless Panama (Mas Mobile) for coming to the team's assistance in this critical time of need. "I have the country's young people in my care and I needed to ensure their comfort and safety and I am grateful for LIME's assistance in helping make our return home a lot more comfortable and less stressful" he said. LIME is the official telecoms provider of the Dominican contingent allowing Mr. Harris free access to report on the team's performance.

LIME extends congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the CARIFTA Games. and wish them a safe trip back to our beautiful island home.