Roseau, Dominica – October 21, 2013 – LIME wishes to advise the general public that Monday's schedule for the 11th Annual LIME CREOLE IN THE PARK has been cancelled.

This is due to heavy rainfall on Sunday which continued overnight, adversely affecting the grounds of the Botanic Gardens making the area unfit for use at this time. We are always cognizant of the effect the activity can have on the grounds of the Botanic Gardens and therefore this decision is in the best interest of all concerned.

LIME values the relationship we have developed and strengthened over the years with all our stakeholders. The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division of the Ministry of Agriculture is a major player whose best interest we must protect in maintaining the integrity of the Botanic Gardens.

LIME Dominica reassures its partners and patrons that the staging of the 11th Annual Creole in the Park we will continue as scheduled for the rest of the week through to Thursday.

We invite all patrons and visitors to enjoy the remaining activities. (LIME Public Relations)