Felix Henderson, left and Louise Aarons
Felix Henderson, left and Louise Aarons

Louise Aarons from the Pioneer Preparatory School is the winner of the OCES Reading Competition held on October 16, 2014.

In a ceremony at the school on October 21, 2014, Minister of Education Peter St. Jean told the principal of the Pioneer Prep that she and Louise have placed Dominica on the regional map.

"We have excelled because of what happens here at your school and I think it must be commended for," he said.

St Jean added that Louise is demonstrating in a powerful way that the Ministry of Education caters to every child and also shows that Dominican students have the ability to succeed in every level.

In the meantime, Louise' s mom, Miss Yvette Jean Pierre said: "I am proud to have a daughter like Louise"

"It was a pleasure, we did work hard. Louise started from September; however, she came out second in the local competition and we thought it was over. When we got back from holiday we were told that she will be representing Dominica and we started from there. She made us proud I am a proud mom today; Louise is a hard-working child, very well-mannered, very well behaved".

She added that parents should not leave the work solely to school. "Like me I went out and I got extra help from outside I also worked with her as well and it paid off," she said. "Louise is also determined. Even last year she read 17 books before she decided she wanted to enter the local competition and even if she came out second, she still kept on going. She read 18 books this summer and knowing that the reading competition was behind us," she said.

Louise said: "I couldn't believe it at first. I was speechless; I am trying to get used to it and I just really happy and I thank God for it".

Louise won $5,000 for her school and $5,000 for herself. At the ceremony she was also given an iPad from the Ministry of Education and a laptop form Courts, the sponsor for the competition.