Unbelievably, in that small southwestern village of Soufriere a man has vanished without a trace. No one has seen him for more than a month, no one knows where he's gone.

Marsley Williams, 77, was last seen on June 3, 2016 at about 3:00 pm and no one seems to know what has happened to him.

A quiet soft-spoken man, Williams returned to Dominica after spending 40 years in England and resettled in Soufriere.

The news of his disappearance came as a shock; the situation has been unbearable to his three children and siblings who have not given up hope. They are doing everything in their power to locate their loved one.

At the time of the incident, Simon, Marsley's brother, was in Dominica and he spent two weeks of his vacation searching for his brother. Every day over two weeks he searched but he came back home without Marsley.

Shortly after Simon left Dominica, Albert Williams, Marsley's eldest son and another brother, Samuel Williams, returned to Dominica to continue the search.

Albert told The Sun that when he heard that his father had disappeared he kept in constant contact with officers of the Police Force but he had the impression that nothing was being done to locate his father.

Therefore travelled to Dominica to meet the police personally.

"I called the Dominica High Commission and the UK High Commission and I told them about it," he said.

Another relative, Samuel, also returned to Dominica to continue the search and to speak to the police.

"We went to the police station and asked; did you make any report, did you take any statements from the lady as to what happened, about his whereabouts, when last was he seen, what last was he wearing; no; do you have a statement of what the lady said; no," said Samuel.

Samuel said that after his discussion with the Corporal he went to the Chief of Police.

According to Samuel, the Chief of Police contacted the Soufriere Police Station requesting information on the investigation.

"The Chief asked the police in Soufriere, are you investigating the case and who is investigating the case and the officer said 'I do not know'. Then the chief asked him how many officer are there, and he said four of us and you do not know who is investigating the case?" said Williams.

Samuel told the Sun that he believes a thorough investigation has to be done about his brother's case.

And although he has left Dominica he said he isn't done yet; he will be returning very soon to continue the search and the inquiries.

Albert said that his father spent 40 years in England and there he married Mona Williams of Soufriere.

Albert said in the 90s his parents made plans to return to Dominica; however, those plans were halted when his father got an aneurism and his mother suffered a stroke.

"So my mom stayed in England and my dad came down," said Albert.

When his mom recovered she returned to Dominica to meet her husband; unfortunately, a year later she died.

Albert told the Sun that although he and his siblings begged their father, he did not want to return to England.

However, events took an awkward turn. While in England, Albert said he received a very unpleasant call from Dominica. His father had remarried but he did not inform his children in England.

"I saw a picture with him and her family and I wasn't happy at all. If he didn't want me to come he could at least tell me," said Albert.

Although he was not pleased Albert and his father reconciled and their relationship continued normally.

But the mystery of Marsley Williams' disappearance and the authorities' indifferent attempt to find him continue.