Calypso being what it is there was no escaping a barrage of songs at the Eliminations round of the 2017-2018 calypso season about Hurricane Maria, the category five storm that lashed Dominica about three months ago. There were, at least, fifteen.

The songs ranged from "Maria why you do that to us" to the salacious "Maria Take Wood" to "Ave Maria" to "De Jungle Mash Up" to "De Country Still Nice", a follow-up to Chris B's "De Country Nice" of a few years ago.

In the end five newcomers were chosen among a list of 15 from 60 participants at the Calypso Eliminations of the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) held at the Newtown Playing Field on December 16, 2017.

They are Dorien Alexander-"De Mechanic" with "Give Thanks"; Mandisa Ducreay- "Mandisa" with "Suit-ti-weh"; Daniel Toussaint-"Enlightener" who sang "Dominica be Strong"; Elijah Charles-"De Asmis" with a song he calls "Play with De Cat" and Eustace Hodge-"Shader" with "Land of the Blind."

Ducreay- "Mandisa", a social worker attached to the Welfare Department singing a song named "Suit-ti-weh" is among the three women chosen. Alisha Ducreay-"Alisha" with "Reunion Train" and Shirley Charles-"Lady S" with "Lights out" are the two other women making it to the Quarter Finals scheduled on January 13, 2018.

The other calypsonians are: Reginald Lander- "Third Eye" with "I fraid"; Cecil Burnette-"Checker" with "Gimme me Position"; Narrin Murphy-"Trendsetter"-"Demonikans"; Randolph Joseph-"Masked Eruption" with "Roll Over"; Emanuel Salamat-"Haxey" with "Sa ki sa w Say sa w"; Chris Sylvester- "Chris B"- "De Country Still Nice"; Wayne Robinson-"Shadow Flow" with-"De jungle Mash Up" and Dave Pascal-"Soul Puss".

Officials of the DCA say they were pleased with the turn out for show and this is a good sign as they head into the quarter finals.