The High Court is making final preparations for the May Criminal Assizes scheduled to begin on May 14, 2013. Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Julien Prevost will prosecute for the State because Gene Pestaina is on pre-retirement leave.

On the courts Cause List there are 16 cases including two murders; Shane Degallerie and Edward Green whose cases were traversed from the January Assizes will face judge and jury this time.

Other matters on the list are causing grievous bodily harm with intent, incest, handling stolen goods, theft, unlawful sexual intercourse and wounding with intent.

At the end of January Assizes, Justice Bernie Stephenson decided that Degallerie's murder trial would be "top of the list" at the commencement of the May Criminal Assizes. He has been on EC$30,000 bail while Green has been on remand for over five years since he was charged with the murder of Damien Dorival.

The Sun has been informed that Pestaina is being considered as the lead prosecutor in the Degallerie and Green murder trials.

"He is very familiar with the cases and is the best suited person to handle them…but Attorney General and government need to make him an offer so he can commence work," a source said. "He is ready to work, but he must be properly compensated and that is key; they want the work done but they don't want to pay properly for it and in the end the State will suffer," the source stated.

Pestaina has indicated that he is ready to offer his services to the DPP's office wherever it is required.