Michael Bruney, second from left, at an official opening of law year
Michael Bruney, second from left, at an official opening of law year

Magistrate, lawyer, broadcaster Michael "Mikey" Bruney died last week after a brief battle with cancer.

Tributes to Bruney came from far and wide. Here is a sample:

Attorney-at-law, Duncan Stowe:

"He certainly had that ability to connect and converse with people at all levels. He was the kind of person who walked with kings but never lost the common touch.

"As a lawyer, he was very knowledgeable on the law and extremely sharp at identifying issues. To my mind, he had a soft heart for representing the ordinary man. He was always keen on ensuring that justice was done."

Anthony Astaphan SC:

"A very fabulous social guy, a committed and dedicated friend and human being whose loss will be felt throughout the country and I am very sorry that he has passed. He was competent in so many ways, he was able to discuss anything be it political or not with no acrimony. His death came as a shock even if he was ill, the Good Lord took him at a young age but he lived a full life."

Dominica-born former Attorney General of Antigua, Justin Simon QC:

"I was not aware that he was ailing with that ailment and it took me by surprise. His death is a loss for Dominica. The politics in the Caribbean is now becoming very divisive and we as professionals, educated persons and have a reach for the common man must not forget it takes a community to build us and we need to remember that and try and give much support and cooperation as possible even where we find ourselves at loggerheads and much it a personal issue that we cannot share our thoughts and ideas with each other in an understanding manner."

Former Dominica magistrate and Grenadian lawyer, Arley Gill:

"His passing is a tremendous loss not only to Dominica but the OECS and CARICOM. He was a wonderful human being, well learned in the law and respectful to the court. A fair person, one you could call on to speak to on law and other times. My heart bled when I heard he passed. It is a heavy loss for those of us who knew him well."