Ann Graham
Ann Graham

Manny Manicou's delicious blueberries were missing! Just a few minutes ago, his aunty who was visiting from Jamaica had given it to him and he had decided to have it later for supper after bringing her home. But unfortunately after returning home, he couldn't find his delicious blueberries anywhere. Manny Manicou was convinced that Bwa Agouti was the thief.

So the next day, Manny Manicou gathered some delicious fruits and placed them in the same corner where he had left his blueberries. Then he hid behind a huge tree where he could see the entrance of his burrow and waited to see when Bwa Agouti would show up to steal again. He was determined to have him publicly punished by the Forest Chief for his crime.

But after one week, Manny Manicou never saw Bwa Agouti near his home not even for a second. So, he decided to visit his aunty to tell her what had happened.

"Aunty!" he shouted as soon as he saw her.

"Manny, you dat dere?" answered his aunty, "I say you forget me eh."

"No aunty," said Manny Manicou, "is someting bad dat happened to me we."

"Wat! Wat bad dat happen to you?" she asked very concerned.

Manny Manicou told his aunty about the missing blueberries and his failed attempts at catching the thief. However when he was done, instead of being sympathetic, his aunty looked at him with surprise.

"Manny, is me dat had d blueberries. Wen we was leaving your house I fought you had forget it so I hole it for you an tell you to check me at home for it."

Manny Manicou was relieved, "Wat! I didn't hear dat. So you have it?"

"No, I doh see you coming so I gave it to dat nice little animal, ammmm wat's his nameā€¦.oh yes Bwa Agouti."