Left to right: Dr. King and Monelle Williams Jno Baptiste
Left to right: Dr. King and Monelle Williams Jno Baptiste

The St. Joseph Constituency consists of Layou, Mero, Bells and St. Joseph East and West.

History of elections: 1975 - 2014

2014- DLP (Kelver Darroux)

2009-DLP (Kelver Darroux)

2005- DLP (Vince Henderson)

2000- DLP (Vince Henderson)

1995-UWP- (Doreen Paul)

1990-UWP- (Doreen Paul)

1985-DLP- (Patrick John)

1980-DFP-(Keleb Laurent)

1975-DLP- (I.A. Thomas)

Monell Williams-Jno Baptiste

Education and Experience:

  • Monell moved from her first job as shop keeper in 2002 to Senator in the parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica in 2014.

  • Monell treats her first job with as much honour and pride as she treats and executes her duties as senator.

  • She graduated from the ITSS as Student-of-the-Year and the most acclaimed graduate in 2002.

  • She is the 4th of 10 siblings and grew up in the central part of the constituency

  • She has worked in the banana industry as parker for renowned farmer CJ Ferreira

  • a graphic designer/photographer, teacher, tutor, quality coach and sales representative at Clear Harbour

  • Today not only is she a member of the parliament of the commonwealth of Dominica but she is also a successful farmer

  • Mrs. Monell Williams-Jno-Baptiste is married; family of three girls and a toddler son.

Plans for constituency

  • Housing is a priority and there is a proposal to build single dwelling homes in the form of a housing scheme in Belles, continue the housing project at Hillsborough Gardens

  • Development of the playing area ensuring that an area is set aside for a park for the younger children

  • Transform the agriculture and fishing industries

  • Build a fisheries complex in Layou

  • Rehabilitation of the feeder roads across the constituency

  • Place greater emphasis on tourism leading to the development of the beach from Mero to Layou to include three jetties, huts and lighting, revival of the Titiri festival at Layou and a wildlife festival for Belles

  • Upgrade of the Belles health centre

  • Develop the St. Joseph market,

  • Upgrade the basketball court in St Joseph

  • Development of the Castaways hotel area

  • focus on the optimization of the abattoir and the livestock sector to support the abattoir

  • Rehabilitation of Hillsborough to Pond Casse road and a boulevard between Layou and St. Joseph.

Plans for the St. Joseph hamlet

  • upgrade the community into a town, to include further upgrades to the health centre, fire and ambulance station, a jetty and port facility

  • enhancement of Mero in an effort to revolutionize the tourism sector

Dr. Adis King

Born in St. Joseph and attended the St. Joseph Primary School

Attended the Dominica Grammar School St Joseph campus now the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School (ITSS) then to the Clifton Dupigny Community College (CDCC)

Married and mother of two children

Work experience

1991- 1994-teacher St. Joseph Primary School

1994-2000- Labortory Technician PMH

2000 received a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba from the DLP

2007 graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Cuba

2007-2013-Medical doctor PMH

2013-2015- graduate from Cuban University with postgraduate in Internal medicine

2016-2019- PMH as Consultant Specialist Internal Medicine also worked as Ross University and All Saint University-Clinic faculty

2019-Private practice- Consultant Specialist Internal Medicine-Halsboro

Plans for the constituency

  • The rehabilitation of a number of village roads, such as the Mero-Cuba Road and Gutter Road in Layou. Also the construction of the road from the Hillsborough Bridge to Yorke Valley Bridge

  • Completion of 100 climate resilient homes at Hillsborough Gardens; the first phase is intended to benefit 32 families

  • Build houses in Belles

  • Pursue the goal of achieving a university graduate in every household

  • Construction of a Youth Training Centre

  • Obtain fishing gear and equipment for fishermen and farmers

  • Highlight the contribution of the music and life of Cadence Legend Jeff Joseph and Grammax to Dominica.

  • Sports development to include the improvement of the St Joseph playing field

  • To improve healthcare and upgrade of the St Joseph Health Centre to include a Trauma Centre with trained staff

  • The establishment of a home for the elderly in St. Joseph.