Dominican Catholics have climbed many hills but they are only half way up the summit of the mountain. Bishop of Roseau Gabriel Malzaire said last week that just about half of the eight million dollars required for the renovation of the Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral has been collected.

"To date the diocese has raised a total of $4.3 million towards this project, a project which is approximately $8 million," the Bishop said. "So we have just passed the half way mark in terms of fund raising."

Speaking at a press conference last Wednesday Bishop Malzaire said fundraising efforts by the Diocese has to be intensified if the church is to complete the project within three years. The project started about one year ago.

Bishop Malzaire said Lot Three of the project, costing $1.3-million, was near completion and he requires funds to begin Lot Four, estimated at $2 million. Part of the next phase involves the ordering of the steel beams to construct the roof.

"Part of the reason for this presentation also is to help us understand that our fundraising process is not complete," said Bishop Malzaire. "So I am encouraging those who will be hearing the news or those who will be hearing this presentation to be aware we still have some ways to go in terms of our fundraising efforts."

Jars Sales and Services was contracted to complete Lot Three of the Project and Managing Director Steve Astaphan said 75 percent of foundation works of the project has been completed.