Mothers Queen 2016- Irna Reynolds
Mothers Queen 2016- Irna Reynolds

Mothers can have fun too and Miss Erna Reynolds, 24, of Petite Soufriere proved that at the Mother's Queen Show Pageant.

Reynolds, mother of one, captured the 2016 Carnival Mother's Queen before a large crowd at the Arawak House of Culture on January 30.

Reynolds gave a sterling performance throughout the entire pageant; she won the awards for Miss Intelligence, Best Talent, Best in Swimwear, Best Traditional Ole Masquerade Wear, Best in Traditional Ole Masquerade Wear and Miss Photogenic.

"I feel delighted, I feel great, words cannot explain how I feel right now," said Reynolds.

She noted that she was confident with her delivery in every round and the support from the crowd gave her strength.

"It helped a lot when I heard them it gave me the strength to just do what I had to do," she said.

Reynolds noted that although she did not have a platform for this pageant she wanted to send out the message that, "Even though you are a mother you can still have fun."

First runner up Tara Oscar of Portsmouth won three awards: Best Swimwear, Best Evening Wear and Best in Evening Wear.

Second runner up Latisha Lockhart from Newtown and Pointe Mitchel won the award for Miss Amity.

The other contestants were: Glennita Daniel of Silver Lake and Kingshill; Christine Boyer of Fond Cole, and Nicole Celaire of Roseau and Kingshill.

The Mother's Queen Show Committee said it plans to donate proceeds from the pageant to the Education Trust Fund.