When I first met Munirih Marie, she appeared to be a very quiet, slightly reserved young lady; but at the age of 15, I found out this young lady is fully occupied and very intelligent.

My opinion of Munirih was underestimated further when she was our companion to the National Queen Pageant; she was deeply engrossed in taking her shots, like a real professional. First of all, the camera she possessed was not the normal teenagers' camera – children her age don't carry around a bag with a large camera and zoom lenses inside. I discovered later that it was given to her, by her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Marie, as a reward for her excellent performance at school.

Munirih discovered her passion for photography at the age of 11/12 years; that same year she received her first camera as a birthday gift. Since then she has taken so many pictures that, in February 2012, she decided to create a Facebook page (Muni M. | Photography) to showcase them. In the section 'basic info' she writes: 'Just a 15-year old amateur but I'm trying my best to do something that I love'. The pictures on the page, in my opinion, are far from amateur.

Response from the public has been quite favourable. "Most people like to have their picture taken," she said. "They love the big lenses/camera." Having photographed so many scenes and images she has developed an eye for detail and learnt to appreciate nature even more.

Munirih is a 4th Form student at the Convent High School where her chosen subjects are Sciences. She hopes to become a forensic scientist in the future, however she would like her photographs and love for photography to develop further, maybe even to earn some money. Apart from her passion for photography and her demanding school curriculum she's also a member of the Girl Guides and a brown belt in karate. She also helped design items used in the Opening of Carnival for Convent High School and a poster for the Christmas concert last December. A lover of music, Munirih has completed Grade 6 ABRSM in Music Theory. She plays the clarinet and will be sitting her Grade 6 Clarinet ABRSM exam soon.

This young lady has impressed me with her gentle nature and her deep interest in photography. I wish her the best in all her future endeavours. Please feel free to visit her FB page.