When I came to Dominica, I had to discover local food; so, I tested the local dish: the Callaloo. I really appreciated the tasting of that dish, mainly composed of dasheen leaves. More generally, my impressions of a local nouriture are mitigated. On one hand, the fresh fruits and vegetables delight me a lot. It's the same with the fish. But, on the other hand, I think food is generally very fat, with a lot of fried food. I was not used to it at the beginning, but now I am accustomed, and I like all kinds of food!

Another experience: I went to the Trafalgar falls. It's a place in the middle of a wild and bucolic jungle. It is the perfect place to go to relax, and I especially appreciated the calm and green surroundings. But to enjoy it more, I now have to go hiking there, in order to see the waterfalls closer!

Not far from the falls, there are the hot and sulphurous waters. It was the first time I saw such a phenomenon ... What surprised me the most is the temperature of the floor (hot stones, hot ground). Unfortunately, I couldn't swim in the waters; but I plan to do it soon!

My next stop in Dominica will be my experience as an assistant to the DHTA.

In the meantime, I look forward to put on my walking shoes and go to discover the many hiking trails that owns Dominica!


(Ms. SEZER-VARGAS is a French student who is visiting Dominica to learn its culture and language)