Britney Zarah Pharoah
Britney Zarah Pharoah

A dream forged in the heart of a young girl has now become a reality for Britney Zarah Pharoah, who is the newest addition to Dominica's legal fraternity.

Now at the start of her long-desired career, the 28-year-old Grandbarian who was recently called to the bar pledges to advocate for the long-promised Legal Professions Act in Dominica to guard her profession and clients.

The Legal Profession Act when it becomes law will provide recourse in cases of professional misconduct by members of the judiciary as well as provide for the enrolment and practice of legal practitioners and for the establishment of a general legal counsel with functions relating to legal education.

But after decades and numerous promises, the Act has not reached Dominica's House of Assembly.

Pharoah believes that the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) initiative will improve the legal fraternity in Dominica.

"It's a way for the court itself to hold us accountable for our actions and keep us in check," she stated. "The act will guide how we lawyers handle the profession of law and it will hold us accountable for all our errors. So it would be an opportunity for clients to be able to initiate legal action against a lawyer if they decide that they are not going to fulfill their duties to their clients."

This comes as a Petition to admit Pharoah to practice as a barrister and solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the Commonwealth of Dominica was put forward by attorney-at-law Jilane Prevost from Prevost and Prevost Chambers and seconded by Kathy Buffong-Royer of Pinnacle Law Chambers.

The application was made virtually before High Court Judge, Justice Bernie Stephenson on November 25, 2021,

The young attorney during her first address to the court, Pharoah vowed to uphold the rule of law and her ethical obligation to the court, counsel, and clients while effectively discharging her duties with integrity and dignity and "always being cognizant of the societal ills and issues in the world today, and the changes to the law."

She pledged to maintain the level of integrity that the legal profession demands and not to bring her reputation and that of the court into dispute.

While Pharoah says her lifelong achievement is now fulfilled, she expressed that it was not without its challenges.

"Today marks what I consider to be the most anticipated and proudest moment of my life, and the beginning of what I know will be a very fulfilling, successful and invigorating legal career. I am humbled by what seemed to be insurmountable challenges that I faced at every single step of my journey to get to this point."

Pharoah said, despite her many obstacles, primarily financial constraints, the second runner up in the 2016 Miss Dominica Pageant said, however, through it all, she persevered by finding strength and fortitude in her faith in God, and her beliefs that through constant prayer, dedication and hard work, "I would be successful."

As the first university graduate in her family, the attorney thanked her parents Vantie Pharoah and Theodora Letang, for their many sacrifices; her siblings, family, close friends, and colleagues whose support she also deemed invaluable.

She further expressed gratitude to the government of Dominica for their financial support during her educational journey.

To her fellow Grandbarians, Pharoah promised to be at their service as she is the only attorney-at-law currently resident in the community.

Pharoah further pledged to be a beacon of inspiration and hope to others who aspire to one day join the legal profession.

Throughout her professional journey she said she will be guided by her new mantra "whom much is given, much is indeed expected.