Many people view nonviolence as an instrument that convincingly defeats and eradicates evil. It assures a sense of durable peace, understanding and stability in society.

Today, violence is all around us. We see again and again a steady stream of scenes depicting brutality, hatred, crime and war flowing from our television screens and web sites. News reports continuously remind us of the reality that we live in a violent world. In fact, the impact of violence has infiltrated our homes, schools, cities and hearts.

As a people, we cannot build peace by violent means. In the article, "Violence Is Not The Answer," Rufus N. Darkortey states: "The most appropriate and durable solution to our national quandary is to internally seek peace within ourselves and gather the inner strength of brotherhood, which compels us to consider one another as partners in progress… ." Violence diminishes human progress at all levels and does not seek the common good.

Pope Paul VI also maintains, 'The Church cannot accept violence, especially the force of arms which is uncontrollable once it is let loose and indiscriminate death as the path to liberation, because she knows that violence always provokes violence and irresistibly engenders new forms of oppression and enslavement which are often harder to bear than those from which they claimed to bring freedom.' Pope Paul exhorts each one of us, NOT to place our trust in violence and revolution: that is contrary to the Christian spirit, and it can also delay instead of advancing that social uplifting to which you lawfully aspire.'

As a Christian family, therefore, we should never wish pain on anyone. Violence is NOT the answer. Even though we are surrounded by the sights, sounds, and consequences of fighting and aggression, we should always seek to eradicate all forms of violence and continue to work together to create a more loving and peaceful society. In fact, no country can develop in the face of violence and hatred.