Irish Kid, left, is congratulated after winning the Junior Monarch crown. Song writer Castle, right front looks on
Irish Kid, left, is congratulated after winning the Junior Monarch crown. Song writer Castle, right front looks on

He started at nine and every year since then he has been a thorn in the flesh of the more seasoned campaigners. Now13, Lemar 'Irish Kid' Irish, of the St. John's Academy in Portsmouth has finally achieved his dream. He is Junior Calypso Monarch of Dominica.

Singing at Number Five, Irish Kid with "I choosing Calypso", written by Livingstone Castle, thrilled the hearts of the many schools kids and impressed the judges to beat the other 13 competitors.

In his song, he complained about his treatment in 2013 and had taken a decision to "stop singing calypso" but he just could not. He sang:

I love mi calypso If you take it away from me I will get a heart attack Calypso is me and I am calypso>

"I took the decision to enter the competition at the last minute as my song states so practicing was hard and good. I had to learn the song quickly and sang it every day even while I bathed," he told interviewers. "I am very, very happy at winning the crown, it means a lot to me. You will not win the crown every time that you sing but if you continue trying hard and working towards that goal, one day you will succeed. This is the message that I want to send out to all the youths."

Janae Jackson of the Convent High School (CHS) placed First Runner-up with 'Convent Rules' a song penned by her dad, Ian Jackson in which she praised her Alma Mata.

Some parent's doh want their children to say the Hail Mary Or to say the rosary No one can contest with Mrs Dublin for discipline and all Convent rules First high school on island And best in region Go ask head of PAHO Boss Dr. Etienne And check the stats Because Convent rules>

However, that performance was not good enough to earn her the title.

Daniel Ali "De Ali" Shillingford of the Convent Preparatory School with 'Stand Tall Kalinago" written by Natasha Henderson was next followed by Nia "Nicker" Burnette of the Wesley High School in third place with "Sick of Violence" written by Steven Hyacinth.

The other Competitors were: Phael "Mighty P" Lander (SMA); Ethan "The X Factor" Nicholas (SMA); Christelle "Singing Chrissy" Vital ( DGS); Shermya "DJ Mya" Dover-John (Convent Prep); Lekeisha "Keisha" Moses (St Martin's Secondary); Malik "De Rocket" Darroux (SMP); Kearra "Mighty Keke" Alexander (St. Martin Secondary); Mekeisha "Messenja" Harrigan ( CHS); Chelsa "Princess Chels" ( Northeast Comprehensive) and Delroy "Dr Chucky" Jno Charles.

Meantime, Junior Toussaint, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Leo Club, the show organiser, said he was "elated" that they were able, for the first time, to have a full brass section accompanying the competitors.

"We had been thinking of that for years and now it has finally happened. It sounded good and sweet and I am very grateful to the guys who practiced with the kids and made it happen," he said.

The show he stated was "of a high standard and quality" and praised all those who played a part in its success.

"It's an inspiration for the kids where they showcase their skills and talents and move to higher heights and we are just happy that we are able to provide that avenue and it can only get better and better as the years progresses," he said.