Oil of Ojas prootional poster
Oil of Ojas prootional poster

Oil of Ojas− the distinctive healing and massage oil of Dominica− turns 21 years old this year, and creator Anthony Toulon has shared an intriguing secret.

Hard work, creativity, discipline, drive and dedication helped make Oil of Ojas a thriving product, Toulon said, but the true key to its success is — it was created by divine inspiration!

"I started to make Oil of Ojas after a divine vision given to me by the Lord 21 years ago when I came out of an unusually deep and profound meditation," Toulon disclosed.

"It was utterly incredible. . . I saw the whole formula . . . I knew the name of the oil instantly . . . all the various oils that would go into the formula… I knew their names . . . their smell," he recalled.

This vision inspired Toulon to create Oil of Ojas in 1995; since then, he never wavered in his mission to share this all-natural healing oil with others in Dominica and worldwide. "I knew this oil would heal thousands," he said, adding that he has never been disappointed by the oil's incredible healing powers. "I have seen even animals respond and be healed," he asserted.

As news of its soothing and healing effects continues to spread, Oil of Ojas has carved a stable niche in local, Caribbean and international markets.

"I have sold Oil of Ojas as far as Senegal, West Africa, and Spain , Germany and Switzerland," Toulon said, "It is a highly respected product,[customers] do not waste it. . . every drop is precious."

Last August, Toulon established the website www.oilofojas.com with financial help from OECS/ECSEDA, which got 2,600 views from 62 countries by year end.

"I feel proud of the hard work and sacrifice my family and I have put into promotion of the product . . . to ensure that Oil of Ojas is in the marketplace for our eager customers to enjoy," he said.

Toulon said DEXIA, Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Health and other agencies helped his business over the years, but Government can and should do more to push small businesses.

"Yes, we have done well, but we are a very small 'Mom & Pop' cottage industry . . . we can do much better if we have more access to funding from government," he maintained.

Toulon said it takes about one week to make a batch of Oil of Ojas− a process requiring pure, natural ingredients by a producer with a quiet, carefully focused mind.

That's because its production is linked to India's ancient spiritual science of Ayurveda, Toulon said. But exactly how and why is another story for another time.