DFP political leader Kent Vital
DFP political leader Kent Vital

In the five articles prior to the last one under this column, we discussed removing bad politics from our land. Last week we paused that discussion to address an extremely urgent matter – that to do with the unaccounted-for public funds of one billion(bn) Eastern Caribbean dollars in respect of fiscal year 2018/19 as presented in the 2019/20 Government of Dominica budget estimates.

In this article we return to our discussion about removing bad politics from our land, but in doing so, we will make a connection to how such bad politics has given rise to what looks like brazen thievery in relation to the unaccounted-for billion dollars. In a few of our upcoming articles, we will use part of the discussion to communicate, as necessary, the advice of the Dominica Freedom Party, on how "we the people" should demand full accountability on this matter. Given the unwillingness or inability of the government so far to account for the funds, we believe that there may be massive fraud involved. An independent audit must be done as a matter of urgency to verify this. However, this matter points to such grave wrong doing that the Skerrit-administration should resign now and allow an interim government to be formed that would take the country towards the next general elections after the voter's list is cleansed and voter ID cards are issued.

We have so far made a number of important points concerning bad politics. Let us review some of those and as we do, let us make the connection with the unaccounted-for funds.

We have noted that good politics is politics that is practiced with honesty and aims to uplift the society, while bad politics is practiced based on narrow interest and political convenience. As we noted before, the unaccounted-for billion dollars, we believe, is very likely to be due to downright thievery. This is really bad politics! Using ill-gotten gains, some people are given bribes to entice them to vote for the current administration, however, the welfare of the whole nation is adversely affected. We believe if this money was used well or was not stolen, it would have allowed our country to set-up a foundation upon which to create a thriving economy in which our people could have decent work and, through that, build stronger homes, take care of their elderly relatives, send their children to school and generally live a good life free of poverty and lack. But, alas, the current Labour Party Administration is governing this country for their own narrow interest above the interest of all the people.

We have also noted that many people support their political parties blindly and irrationally. As a people, we need to stop being "die-hard" political party supporters. When we do that, we become part of a political gang, and consequently we look for ways to defend our party rather than to be patriotic citizens who are ready to defend our nation. I want to say to Labourites, that it is time to defend our nation from what we believe is beginning to look like some of the greatest thieves that Dominica and the Caribbean has ever seen. Join the rest of your fellow Dominicans to insist that there be an independent audit to verify this or to otherwise provide reasonable answers. If there can't be reasonable answers within another week or two, let us insist with one voice that Roosevelt Skerrit and his entire Cabinet resign! Don't forget the other missing funds including the 100mn funds from the Petro Caribe programme. Enough is enough!

We have also noted that one of the tools used by the practitioners of bad politics is the spreading of false arguments. One of these arguments relates to - "don't bite the hands that feed you"! Do you now see how the Roosevelt-Skerrit Administration is giving back just a little part in order to keep the people quiet, while the administration, we believe, may be pilfering a great portion of the CBI funds! They pretend to care so that they can get away with wickedness! Let us not continue to fall for that. Let us determine that we are not for sale. If you must, get what you should get, but vote them out and don't be beguiled.

Additionally, we have noted that the Skerrit-led Labour Party seeks to make the false argument that political parties in opposition must find resources to provide assistance to the people. We noted that this particular false argument contributes to entrenching the expectation among the population that politicians must engage in bribery. But to allow them to engage in bribery, practitioners of bad politics often have to acquire resources corruptly. This is what happens when people accept corruption and bribery as normal – it comes back to haunt all of us. This hurts the future of our children! Let us reject corruption.

Next week we will talk a little about how the administration seeks to distractions people from the real issues!

Let's go places with Freedom!

Kent Vital

Political Leader Dominica Freedom Party.