HOYAS III, DABA 1988 Division III League champions, was Pottersville's first basketball championship team. Photo Courtesy Marcellus Lee
HOYAS III, DABA 1988 Division III League champions, was Pottersville's first basketball championship team. Photo Courtesy Marcellus Lee

The first segment of this "chapter" of this CHAMPIONS series presented the championship winners in the following DABA basketball competitions: Division I League, Knockout and Play-Offs as well as the Division II League and Knockout champions for the period 1982 - 1992. This "chapter" concludes below.

DIVISION III LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: Between 1982 and 1992 the Division III League competition was held during ten of the eleven basketball seasons, there being no such competition in 1986.

Only Cavaliers, who modified their name to Cavs in their second season managed to capture more than one championship, and this they did in 1989 and 1990. The other eight Juniors League championship winners during the period were St. Mary's Academy III (1982), Pros Jr. from Grand Bay (1983), Blue Jays from Fond Colé (1984), Ogan Stars from Grand Bay (1985), Reefs (1987), Hoyas III (1988), Blazers from Massacre – yes, Blazers debuted as a Division III team (1991) - and Home Boys from Grand Bay (1992).

Division III Knockout Champions: The Division III Knockout (a.k.a. 'Lose & Go Home') competition was held eight times during the period, with no team showing any semblance of dominance. Hence, basketball fans saw eight (8) different Division III teams winning the championship during those seasons. St. Mary's Academy III was first in 1982, followed by Lamb's Bread (1983), then Flames Jr. (1984), Ogan Stars (1985), Reefs (1988), Stormers (1990), Sonics (1991) and Home Boys in 1992. There was no Division III Knockout competition in 1986, 1987 or 1989.

Women's League Champions: Although the first women's team to participate in Dominica's basketball debuted in 1977, a Women's Division was only introduced a few years later, either in 1982 or just prior (1979, 1980 or 1981). In the Division's formative years only three teams competed, and whenever fewer than three registered, the ladies were assigned to the Junior Division to compete against themselves and "the boys".

The Women's League competition was held only four times during the period (1982-1984, 1986), with Pros Sisters from Grand Bay doing a 'three-peat', bagging championships consecutively in 1982, 1983 and 1984. Radials were presented with the Women's Team Award in 1985 and that year, together with Pros Sisters played in Division III against four all-male teams and against each other. Radials won the 1986 women's championship.

Women's Knockout Champions: Only two Women's Knockout competitions were held during the period and the limelight was shared between Saints of Goodwill (1982) and Michelles of Roseau (1983).

'Under-16' Champions: The DABA presented a 16 & Under Division only during the 1988 season with four teams participating, including one from Grand Bay. The championship winners in that Division were St. Mary's Academy (U-16) who captured the League Championship and Hoyas (U-16) who took home the Knockout trophy.

Thrice Is Nice: Only one team succeeded in capturing three major championships in any one season during the period, and this feat was performed by Cardinals when they clean-swept the League, Knockout and Play-Off Championship trophies in 1982, earning full bragging rights.

Doing The Double: Winning 'back-to-back' or consecutive championships feels good, but capturing multiple championships in the same season feels even better! And so, while teams like Cardinals, Eagles II, Sixty-Sixers and Pros Sisters captured "back-to-back" championships, a few managed to bag double championships (two from the League, Knockout and Play-Off championships) in a season. And this is quite apart from the triple-championships won by Cardinals in 1982.

The three Division I teams who performed 'the double' during the period were led by Cardinals with six double championships under their belt (1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992 respectively). Flames and Eagles I also took home their share of the goodies, in 1983 and 1986 respectively.

Double-championships are not "restricted" only to the senior division, and during the period basketball fans saw five (5) Division II teams and three Division III teams walking away with double championships.

Leading the 'double-doers' in Division II were Eagles II who did it twice (1985, 1986), and they were joined by Green City (1982), Sixty-Sixers (1988), Raiders (1990) and Hoyas II (1992).

Sharing the double-championships limelight in Division III were St. Mary's Academy III, Ogan Stars and Home Boys in 1982, 1985 and 1992 respectively. The Women's Division did not produce a double-champion during the period.

Remarks: The preceding part of this Basketball Champions series, as well as the above presented the league, knockout and play-off champions who reined in Dominica's national basketball league from 1982 to 1992. We also saw the game roster comprising only four teams in the inaugural (1966) season, continuing to grow incrementally to bring the team list in some seasons to exceed 30 teams playing in up to four Divisions.

Next 'chapter' will cover period 1993 through 2004.