Mervin Paul
Mervin Paul

On June 2, 2014 the state-owned Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS radio) will be managed by a Dominica Labour Party (DLP) spokesperson and party insider Mervin Paul.

There has been speculation that Paul, who is the Senior Information Officer at the Government Information Service (GIS) was Cabinet's choice to take up the new post. The SUN previously reported on the impending appointment but Paul, when asked, stated: "I don't know anything about that…I am not commenting on or off the record."

The DBS board was due to meet on May 29, 2014 and that matter was expected to have been high on the agenda.

"From all reports he (Mervin Paul) is due to commence work at DBS on June 2, 2014. That decision was made by Cabinet and will be ratified by the board," a source disclosed.

According to the source, who spoke to the Sun on the usual condition of anonymity, government did not want the position to be vacant for an extended period because the party is about to enter into intense election campaigning. Paul, the source opined, is appointed "to do Labour Party work for them" to ensure that the DLP gets maximum airplay and coverage on DBS radio.

Over recent general elections campaigns the issue of the use of DBS radio by the ruling party became a hot debate with the opposition UWP claiming that the it was blocked by operatives of the Government.

Paul will replace Brian Meade who did not receive an extension of his contract. Meade was said to be at odds with the board chairman and his deputy.

The source also revealed that Daryl Titre, the press attaché, is likely to replace Paul at the GIS as the Senior Information Officer. Titre is on a two-year contract which commenced in September 2013.

"I do not know what you are talking about…I, like everybody have just been hearing talk but I am not aware of what you are saying," Titre stated when he was asked to comment on the alleged transfer.