Man spraying pesticide
Man spraying pesticide

In observance of Pesticide Awareness Day September 27th 2013 Dominica joins the rest of the Caribbean community in promoting the safe use and management of pesticides. This year the theme ' Store Wise, Save Lives' places emphasis on proper storage of pesticides in an effort to ensure the occupational health and safety for persons using pesticides or who are indirect contact with pesticides.

Pesticides refer to chemicals used in agriculture (agro-chemicals) and to chemicals used in and around the home to control pests such as termites, roaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes and rodents.

In fulfilment of Dominica's obligations to Conventions (Rotterdam Convention 2004, Stockholm Convention 2004 and Basal Convention, 1992) the Government of Dominica manages the importation, proper use and storage of pesticides within the provision of the Pesticide Control Act No. 15 of 1974. Presently the Board's main responsibility is the registration and licensing of pesticides as mandated by the Pesticide Control Regulations SRO 56 of 1986. A major activity under the Pesticide Control Act is to monitor the storage, distribution, labelling and use of pesticides in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Pesticide Awareness Week is observed from September 23 -27th this year. During this week the Pesticide Control Board through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will involve the public, farmers and farm workers, students, housewives, traders and their employees in a number of activities including:

  1. Continued training of farmers, retailers, and pesticide applicators
  2. Sensitization of school students on the importance of Pesticide safety
  3. Mass media programmes: radio talk shows; televised discussions geared at educating the general public on pesticide storage at home, on the farm and in business establishments
  4. Distribution of public education materials to retail outlets, Ports of entry , agricultural offices and schools
  5. Training sessions for Extension Services on Licensing and registration of Pesticides and Safe use and storage of Pesticides