Home owners in the Union Estate, Pointe Michel are unhappy that they were not consulted before government began building houses for some Hurricane Maria-displaced residents of Green Valley in that village.

Alexia Simon-Christmas, a resident of Union Estate belongs to a group of homeowners there called "Union Estate Residents" who is upset about the government's decision.

In an interview with the SUN Simon-Christmas said she is not against government helping people especially after Maria but the projects must be done properly.

"The way that the government is going about doing it is very wrong," she said. "The reason why most of us purchased land and built in this area is because the government told us that it was going to be a new development area and they were targeting the medium to upper class and the intention was to change Pointe Michel."

She added: "Those of us in this new settlement … have followed a building code whereby everyone has to ensure that their property and area are well kept."

Simon-Christmas continued: "We have not been informed about that as residents and we got information on the road (about three weeks earlier). When I contacted the Parl. Rep she told me that she planned to have a meeting. But she decided to have a meeting after we started to raise questions and objected to the resettlement.

"This entire situation is pure disrespectful. We are land owners in the area; we are humans and the correct way was to have met with us, have a discussion and take it from there."

Government is building about ten pre-fab low-income houses in the area which, according to Simon-Christmas, will "surely devalue the area and this is just not right and fair to us".

She described government's action as "disrespectful."

"As you can see for yourself, the place is already excavated and they are pouring concrete and set to go, despite our protest" she said. "We have been asking for them to meet with us but they are just not answering us. I am very upset at this lack of respect from the government."

A number of other residents shared similar sentiments about the new development.

"They are devaluing our property with no consultation with us," said a resident who requested anonymity.

However, Denise Charles, the parliamentary representative said the problem is now under control. "We had a situation…but it's no longer explosive," she told the Sun. "We have settled the matter and as you can see, the land is clear and we are getting ready to construct the houses for 10 residents of Green Valley. We have had meetings with the people and the area and explained that situation to them and all is now set and settled."