With platforms ranging from women's empowerment, environmental and cultural preservation, women's health and self-acceptability, six exceptional women have emerged, each wielding a tale, a cause, and a fierce determination to claim the coveted Miss Dominica title on February 8, 2024.

The reveal, on November 17, 2023, orchestrated by the Discover Dominica Authority and the Dominica Festival Committee, set the stage for these contenders' epic journey. The ceremony wasn't just about signatures and sashes; it was a moment of intrigue as the contestants drew their order of appearance, injecting a dose of unpredictability into an already electrifying event.

Contestant number one is Jorjanna Albert, a 20-year-old legacy from Laudat, who isn't a stranger to crowns, having won the Miss Teen Dominica in 2018. Her fervent dedication to women's empowerment blazes through her chosen platform, "Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship." With a zeal for Dominica's heritage, she's prepared to light up the stage.

Then there's contestant number two, Nickese Morancie, a 21-year-old from Dublanc, who clinched the Miss Wob Dwiyet 2022 title. The 2024 Miss Dominica prospect echoes her confidence and passion for ecological causes through her platform, "The Promotion of the Conservation and Preservation of Dominica's Natural Environment and Wildlife."

"Radiant, resolute, with a sprinkle of rambunctious," were the words 20-year-old Royhanna Martin said embodied her. While her platform remains under wraps, her resounding call for unity and support sets the stage for an enigmatic performance that promises to captivate.

Contestant number four, 24-year-old Kianne Bastien, representing the vibrant community of Stock Farm, champions women's health through her platform, "Empower Her: Navigating Women's Health." Bastien's commitment shines through her dedication to aiding women facing health challenges, particularly those concerning cervical and uterine cancer, promising a narrative rooted in compassion and support. Deniscia Laurent, crowned 2020 Miss Dominica State College Jamboree winner, advocates for body positivity. The Petite Soufriere representative platform, "Pretty Hurts: Finding Comfort in Your Healthy Body," challenges societal norms, aiming to redefine beauty standards and promote self-acceptance.

The final competitor of the night will be Kyanna Dyer, a 20-year-old representing the community of Morne Daniel. Through her Miss Dominica journey, she will champion cultural preservation and youth empowerment through the arts. Her platform, "Youth in Culture Through the Arts," reverberates with a vision that amplifies the youth's pivotal role in safeguarding cultural heritage.

As reigning Carnival Queen Adicia Burton prepares to hand over her crown, the crescendo leading to the grand event on February 8, 2024, amplifies with each contestant's distinct fervour, promising an extravagant spectacle brimming with not just glamour but also substance. The DDA promises a spectacular show as supporters brace themselves for this beauty, intellect, and advocacy clash.